Spring 2019 Carry

A little late here, but if you listened to GGL 117 you know why. Still better late than never.

As a side note, I have tried to monetize this site for the sole purpose of making it self-sufficient and no other reason. The options aren’t that many. First, I could sell advertising and I have done that in the past. It provided only semi-stable income and it had the sense of selling out. I am sure I could have pushed it more, but that would have only excaerbated the sense of selling out. Second, I could engage in commissioned sales. I have done that in the past, but in the end those that were paying my commissions didn’t feel like the deal was working out for them. They would have agreed to keep the arrangement, but I did not feel that was fair to them as they had always been so kind in their support. Third, I could start a Paetron. I think Paetron is a superb funding mechanism for sites like this. But it seems to me to create something of a commitment. I would hate folks to donate and then have to quit writing this site. My life is pretty complicated right now and writing this site has been a solace, but real life has a way of intruding and that possible intrusion would make me feel like I did not hold up my end of the bargain.

So we end up where we are—Amazon affiliation. I have a set of lists on Amazon where you can find some of my favorite items and I link when I can. But I have grave reservations of working with Amazon. They have a tendency of crushing smaller companies, the companies that I truly like dealing with, in favor of bigger, more, and faster. They also have a somewhat troubling history of treating their workers poorly, though things are getting better on that front apparently. However, they have implemented a great affiliate system that pays well and helps this site be closer (though not completely) self-sufficient. As such, if you like this site and I have an Amazon link to a piece of kit you want, think about buying something by using that link. Sorry for the quick aside. Let’s get on with the carry stuff.

This spring has been a bit busy. Serious health issue in the family, starting my own firm…lots of stuff going on. But one good thing with all this craziness is that I can carry whatever I want. One thing has been a virtual lock every day, especially now that I am back in court more often—the Frank Clegg English Briefcase, which was very kind gift from a very good friend. You have a spring in your step when you carry something that beautiful on a daily basis. It is so nice, I even had it as part of the firm’s website photo shoot.

Some other staples of the spring were the A. Strelsov Kamakadze pen, which was a review submission from the maker, and which will be reviewed very soon. I also had a tendency to drop the 47s Mini Turbo Mk. 3 in the pocket and not think about my light choice. Other than those three staples, the pace of reviews kept me busy, very rarely carrying the same thing twice.


Chris Reeve Old Nail Nick Mnandi, Edison Pen Co. Nouveau (Goulet Pens Exclusive), Muyshondt Aeon Mk. 3.

The Chris Reeve Mnandi with Ye Olde Nail Nick is one of my five favorite knives of all time. I happened to luck into a new old stock Box Elder version for a complete checklist of my preferences. The end result of the hunt is a truly breathtaking knife. This trio of things is both beautiful and highly functional—I’d far prefer a good burl to moku-ti and the Mnandi here shows why.


Spyderco Brouwer (Amazon Link), 47s Mini Turbo Mk. 3 (Amazon Link), Tom Bihn Nik’s Minimalist Wallet

After a complete clipectomy, the Brouwer has rotated back into my carry routine on a regular basis. Its overall size and shape makes it a dream in the hand, now that the ginormous Spyderco spoon clip has been replaced with the far more functional Lynch clip. The Mini Turbo is such a versatile and solid design that these two pair quite nicely together. Finally, I have learned now to best carry credit cards in the NMW. I carry them face to face so that the mag strips don’t get scratched. It is a small concession to make to keep my carry as compact as this. When I carry four cards it is two face to face, a bill, and the other two face to face.


47s Mini Turbo Mk. 3, Strider PT CC

You know those knives you 100% regret getting rid of? When the Strider PT CC was one of those knives for me and this spring I lucked in to another one. I didn’t waste a second snapping it up. It is the best folder in hand, for me, probably ever. It makes me pine less for another knife that got away, the Spyderco Caly3 in ZDP-189. The Strider is better, but it is close. I wish someone would make this knife with updated features on a true production scale. A WE Knives Strider PT CC with bearing pivot and S35VN would be amazing.


A Strelsov Kamakadze, Lumintop Fw3a (Amazon Link), Wilkins Leafstorm 9

The Kamakadze is a very big pen when fully assembled, but when the persuader tip is removed, it actually is quite pocketable. And that is a very good thing. So often our favorite gear is something that just fascinates the fingers and here, with its microtexturing and curvy shape, the Kamakadze is just glorious. As a pen it is very good. As a pocket companion it is a lot of fun to use and carry. The Lumintop is a new kind of EDC product, one where the design is crowd sourced and it is actually a darn good light. More on this piece of kit in its review. My feelings on the light are complicated. And then there are is the Leafstorm 9. Still love this knife.


Frank Clegg English Briefcase, Busse Forsaken Steel Heart with Nano Fusion Handle with some foreign object surrounding the sharpened portion of the knife for safety and ease of carry…Busse fans what is this thing?

The Clegg bag is an astounding work of craftsmanship. It is beautiful, simple, and supremely functional. Its probably more expensive than all the bags I have reviewed thus far put together, but I have never seen leather this nice. And because I own my own business, I can carry whatever the hell I want, thank you very much. This includes a Busse and some unusual device designed to make the otherwise dangerous tool easier to use and carry. What is this you ask? As a Busse fan, I have no idea. It does seem to make the knife much better and much less likely to chop off a finger, but I don’t know what it is.