I have been fascinated with gear since I was 10, carrying a Victorinox Super Tinker and a Mag Solitaire (hey...that was state of the art in 1987).  After a gear hiatus, I came back to knives and stuff when my Dad got me a Gen 1 Delica.  That knife was with me for a long time and it was eventually replaced with a Kershaw Scallion.  One of those is much better than the other.

I started this blog when I noticed a lack of systematic written reviews in the gear community.  While the list of reviews started out small, it is now pretty comprehensive.  I take great pains to make sure I do a good job, lay out all of my biases and reasons, and ignore hype.  I also hope that you find this information useful, interesting, and funny.

The blog is the hub in a wheel of content.  I write for Gear Junkie, All Outdoor, and I run the podcast Gear Geeks Live.  There is also a YouTube channel as well.

Personally, I am married to a wonderful woman who is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the College of the Holy Cross.  I have two awesome little boys.  I am from Ohio and moved to Massachusetts for post-college education.  I graduated from Xavier University with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy.  I got a masters degree in Philosophy from Boston College.  I then got a law degree (see how that works--no job, no job, JOB!) from Suffolk University Law School.  I worked for the New Hampshire Public Defender for 12 years.  I now work as an attorney for Gottesman and Hollis in Nashua.  

If you have a product you'd like to me to review contact me at everydaycommentary at gmail dot com (in the usual format).  I should be able to give you a quote on the time needed for the review.  I will not review a product without a review sample.  I am also not running a shill site, so don't expect me to tout your product unless I truly believe in it.  I do not sell ads, but if you want to become a sponsor contact me.  I will not accept links for pay either.  All of this is done to ensure editorial independence and to keep things as simple as possible for me. 


Nothing on this site should be interpreted as legal advice or anything other than my opinion.  In particular, my review scores are my perspective on a particular piece of gear.