Starting Out in the Gear World

I thought it might be helpful to go through and introduce new folks to the gear world at the start of the year.

Everyday Commentary

The website here is really the hub in a wheel of content with many spokes.  If you haven’t visited some of these other links your missing about 50% of the content I produce. 

Everyday Commentary (yes, I know this is on Everyday Commentary, but a lot of repeater sites post this stuff and it does go on forum boards, so if you want to visit the original source there is the link).

Everyday Commentary on YouTube

Everyday Commentary on Instagram

Everyday Comment on Twitter

Gear Geeks Live

Gear Geeks Live (iTunes link)

Gear Junkie


All Outdoor

The Everyday Commentary Amazon Store (I am not thrilled with Amazon, but I prefer do this over Patreaon at this point)

Wirecutter Gear Resources

Best Folder

Best Fixed Blade

Best Multitool

Best Flashlight

Gear Friends


Nick Shabazz

Cedric and Ada

Cedric and Ada Steel Chart

Epic Snuggle Bunny

555 Gear

Journeywind Junk

Aaron Shapiro

Eugene Kwon

Kevin Cleary

Advanced Knife Bro

Doctor Frunkey

Birdshot IV

Gear Podcasts

Mark of the Maker

Knife Knuts

Think Twice Cut Once (Tim Reeve Podcast)

Ernest Emerson Podcast

The Knife Dialogue (Andrew Demko Podcast)