Gear Black Friday 2017

This is a quick and dirty post.  No jokes or long exposition.  Send deals along and I will update this through the weekend.

Locally, there are usually only a few good EDC deals from Big Box.  There might be a sale or two on Gerber stuff at Dicks, but really it comes down to two places—Lowes and Home Depot.  Traditionally, in my area, Lowes has a good price on a Leatherman Wingman and Home Depot has a good deal on the basic Skeletool.  Both are usually around $30.  That is a good price for either, though I do prefer the Skeletool design.

Blade HQ has some awesome stuff this year.  First, orders over $100 will receive a t-shirt.  There is a deal on the Blade HQ exclusive Protech Godfather.  Boker Kalashniov Autos will be on sale, starting at $29.99 for the Large and $24.99 for the Mini.  There will be a special price on the Spyderco Tenacious.  They will also debut the Kershaw Skyline XL.  They will debut G10 Ultratechs as well.  If you buy something from Blade HQ, use the banner below to benefit the site.

KnifeCenter has deals on Kizers.  You can pick up the cheapest one starting at $41.00.  All Steel Will Knives will be 30% off.  The Skeletool will also be on sale at Knife Center, but not as cheap as at Home Depot, or at least not as cheap as it was at Home Depot last year.  They will have the Boker Plus Voxnaes F3 on sale for $99.95.  Hogue has some knives on sale and ZT pens are also on sale.  They also have some Begg Steelcraft Knives on sale, the ZT0909, and some Spydercos as well.

GP Knives has the CKRT Vizzle on sale for $26.99 and the Prowess for $34.95.  The Fox Knives Phoenix will run $289.95.  ESEE 3s with uncharted blades will run $76.95 and ESEE4s for $96.95. The Reate K1 will start at $299.95.  The Jarosz Choppa will come in at a very tempting $77.95.  They have about a dozen Kizers on sale.  The excellent Brous Bionic 2.0 is also on sale for $138.95.  There are a bunch of other sales as well.  

Surefire is having a sale as well.  The Firepak is paired with a free phone case.  The Sidekick is on sale for $39.95. That is a great deal.

Prometheus Design Werx has 20% off gear site wide.  Use the code GIFT20 at checkout between 11/23 and 11/27. 

KaBar is running a promotion for up to 50% off most products on their site. 

FourSevens will have a variety of lights on sale starting at 25% off and going up to 50% off on certain models.

Malkoff will also have their excellent lights and parts on sale.  10% off with the use of the code: BLACK10.

My general advice on Black Friday is pretty straightforward: 1) buy only things you would normally buy;  2) buy batteries of all kinds, they are usually loss leaders; and 3) if you absolutely cannot resist deals, set a small budget and buy something different than you normally would—get a spotlight because even if it stinks it won’t be used as much an an EDC item—there are no good $3 knives or $1 flashlights suitable for EDC.