Everyday Commentary v2

The site has lived on Blogger for a very long time.  And over the years there have been things about Blogger that drove me crazy.  So, with help from Aaron Shapiro, of Gearzeit, I have migrated the site over to Squarespace.  The back end stuff is really nice for me--writing and publishing is ten times easier, even from mobile, which is where I write the majority of my stuff. 

But this tech change is only first of a few changes.  Based on feedback I am going to do two things over the coming months.  

First, I am going to focus on producing very high quality articles.  I think the content has been decent, but I can do better.  The typos, while something that doesn't really kill the site, bother me and they bother some of you.  I also think that the photography could be better.  So over the coming months, look for better written, higher quality pieces.  

Along with the improvement in basic elements of what I write, I want to expand the in-depth reporting that I try to do here.  The feedback to stuff like the Natrix piece and the Cold Steel v. CRKT lawsuit was very good.  I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of contacts in the industry and my educational background gives me the ability to bring you a form of in-depth analysis and reporting that doesn't exist elsewhere in the gear world.    

The first of these pieces is one I have been working for for a while and it focuses on Made in the USA products.  I have been working on it on and off for more than six months now and once it is finished, it will come out in a few different pieces.  In preparing the piece, I have done some legal research, some research on economics, and then some market analysis.  It was a massive undertaking, more complex than anything I have done before, but I think you will in enjoy it. 

This higher quality product will result in less articles per week, one instead of two, but the end result will be something that is 100% unique. On a words per week basis it will probably even out over time.  I am still committed to bringing you a large number of in-depth high quality reviews, but paired with those reviews will be stuff you can't find anywhere else in the gear world. 

There are going to be some other changes too, things I am not ready to roll out just yet, but by way of a preview, I want to get more Quick Hits out there as they typically do very well from a page views perspective and they get more scores into your hands quicker.  I also have a few new scoring systems (four to be exact) in the works for items that have long been the core of folks' EDC.  Some of you have seen a few of these prototype scoring systems when I was asking for input on them, and they will finally debut in 2017.  

All in all, I am very excited about the move.  The new Everyday Commentary will be even better than what you were receiving before.  Your readership has spurred me to make this site the best I can make it.  You deserve better and I want to write better stuff.  It will cost more money to run, but I trust if I live up to my end of the bargain you will too.  Without the help of the sponsors shown at the bottom of this page, this move would not be possible.