Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Roundups UPDATED

It is that time of year again.  Let’s see what good stuff is out there.

Blade HQ

Starting on November 18th, WE knives and their value brand CIVIVI are on sale.  Kizer knives are on sale November 20, with SOG going on sale the next day.  Hogue stuff is on sale on Black Friday itself.  The Laconico EZE drops on November 21, 2018.

The BHQ exclusive Boker Kwaiken in brass and micarta is on sale for $99.99.

Kizer Vanguard Mini Sheepdog is $59.99.

Buck 110 Auto is $124.99.

Bradley Kimura Balisong is $89.99 (so tempting).

Spyderco Chaparral in Titanium is $129.99.

CRKT Caligo is $31.99.

Spyderco Bushcraft is on sale for $169.99.

Spyderco Stretch in ZDP-189 and G10 is $169.99 (also tempting).

CRKT Drifter in Stainless Steel and partially serrated blade is $14.99…holy shit (I would buy this one but I already have a few Drifters).

Benchmade Proper wharnecliffe in blue G10 is $119.99.

Boker Urban Trapper Petite in Cocobolo is $69.99.

Boker Plus Lancer is $59.99.

Benchmade Jungle Clip Point is $89.99.

Kershaw Cryo in G10 is $34.99.

The discontinued ZTs are all on sale.

There are a few Spyderco pairs on sale.

There are also a ton of autos from Kershaw and Boker on sale.

Here are the rest of the deals.

There are some sale bonuses.  $75 spent will get you a pack of BHQ playing cards while $200 will get you a BHQ knife roll. 

Prometheus Designwerx

Prometheus Designwerc sales come around as often as Halley’s Comet, so when there is one, it is worth paying attention.  They are offering 20% off their entire site’s stock with the code: BFCM20.  If you have been on the fence for some of their sweet and pricey kit, now’s the time.  If you want a Badger you can get one for $351 with the discount code.  This is so tempting that I actually did it.  Its on its way for review.

GP Knives

Lionsteel TRE in CF is $251.95.

Lionsteel SR-22 Mini is $235.95.

ESEE Candiru with full kit is $49.95.

Reate Epoch is $319.95.

Buck Marksman Tanto is $91.99.

Hinderer Half Track Tanto is $414.95.

Hinderer XM-18 3” Tanto is $374.95.

There are bunch of Hitch and Timber sheathes on sale.

There are bunch of Bradford fixed blades on sale.

Here are the rest of the deals. 


Here are the deals, most of which are simply discounts associated with discontinued models.


Moraknives Craftline Pro S is $11.95.

Surefire G2X Pro is $40.75, which is a screaming deal.

RovyVon A1 is $21.95.

Here are the rest of the deals.


Some real screamers here.

Sidekick is $19.95.

Guardian is $129.95.

Firepak (which I never understood fully, perhaps that is why didn’t catch on) is $69.95

Here are the rest of the deals.


Hood Chopper is $150.

Argus is $35.

Here are the rest of the deals.

DLT Trading

Spyderco Mantra (the good one with M4 and a normal blade shape) is $149.99.

Spyderco Sage 2 (the one with the Ti framelock) is $179.99.

Valkyrie and DCWO have a bunch of stuff on sale.

Here are the rest of the deals.

Knives Ship Free

All Steelcraft are 20% off with code KFS18.

All Bravo 1s are $30 off with code BRAVO18 (this deal is so good its essentially like get a discount on money…seriously, if you do not own a Bravo 1 this is it).

All Benchmades include a free Benchmade Torx bit set (which is very good).

They are technically not gear but all LL Bean boots are 25% off.  This happens once a year and the boots are great.  Promo code is BOOTS25.


I will update as I get more.