Special Series

EDC Primers:

EDC Primer: Deployment Methods
EDC Primer: How to Read My Reviews 
EDC Primer: LED Emitters 
EDC Primer: Minimalism 

AllOutdoor Primers: 

Blade Steel Made Simple 
High End Flashlights  
Lock Strength 
Flashlight UI, Part I
Flashlight UI, Part II
Flashlight UI, Part III
Blade Shapes
Sharpening, Part I
Sharpening, Part II

Keychain Series:

Part I: Carry Methods
Part II: Flashlights
Part IV: Multitools
Part V: Knives
Part VI: Random Round Up

2011 Light&Saber Recommendations:

Premise and Rules
$25 and under
$50 Max
$100 Max
$200 Max
$500 Max, Part I: Tools
$500 Max, Part II: Lights
$1000 Max
Over $1000
MIA Gear
Top Ten Values

2013 Light&Saber Recommendations: 

Premise and Rules
Keychain Size

2013 AllOutdoor Recommendations:

$50 Max
$100 Max
$200 Max
$500 Max
$1000 Max

Keychain Set Up

Shoot Outs:

Mid-Sized Production Knife EDC Shoot Out

Small Production Knife EDC Shoot Out 
Selector Ring Shoot Out 
Two Cell Shoot Out 
Hard Use EDC Shoot Out 
Budget Blade Shoot Out
High End EDC Shoot Out 
Standard Bearer Blades 2014 

In Case You Missed It:

Leatherman Serac S3

Spyderco Michael Walker ZDP-189
Sunwayman V10R Ti
Spyderco Lum Chinese Folder ZDP-189
4sevens Preon Revo
Muyshondt Aeon 
Kershaw Tilt 


Benchmade Emissary

Lumapower Incendio V3+
Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite
Spyderco Native 5
Leatherman Wingman and Sidekick
Olight i1
Emerson Micro Commander
Tom Bihn Cadet
Gerber Venture
Surefire Isis and Aegis
AG Russell Acies 2
Brous Blades Triple Threat Folder
Olight S10 Baton
Benchmade 300SN
Zero Tolerance ZT 0777 
AG Russell Skorpion
ESEE Zancudo 

One to Watch:

Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto
Kershaw Injection
Spyderco Domino
Prometheus Beta QR
Busse Battle Mistress Anniversary Edition
Maxpedition Excelsa
Kingdom Armory Midtech Mini Samaritan
McGizmo AquaRam and AquaMule
Nite Ize DoohicKey
Tuff Tanic

SHOT Show 2012 Coverage:

Surefire and Kershaw Info
Leatherman Info
4Sevens Info
Benchmade Info

SHOT Show 2013 Coverage:

Ka Bar and SOG Info
ZT and Surefire Info 
Benchmade and Leatherman Info
CRKT, Spyderco, and Kershaw Info   

An Approach to Choosing Blade Steel:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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