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Folding Knife Reviews (1YL=1 Year Later Update; if there is a score change, there is new text):

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Score: 20/20; 1YL: Same;  2YL: No longer Perfect
Spyderco Leafstorm Score: 14/20; 1YL: 13/20
Buck Vantage Select Small Score: 14/20; 1YL: 15/20
Fox Cutlery SpyFox Score: 13/20; 1YL: Same
Spyderco Dragonfly I FRN Score: 18/20; 1YL: 17/20
SOG Flash I Score: 10/20; 1YL: Same
Spyderco Tenacious Score: 11/20; 1YL: Same
Bradley Cutlery Alias II Score: 17/20; 1YL: Same
Benchmade Sequel 707 Score: 13/20; 1YL: 14/20
Zero Tolerance ZT350 Score: 19/20; 1YL: 18/20
Kershaw OD-2  Score: 17/20; 1YL: Same
Spyderco Delica 4 Score: 19/20; 1YL: 18/20
Kershaw Scallion Score: 8/20; 1YL: Same
Spyderco Dragonfly II ZDP-189 Score: 20/20; 1YL: Same
Kershaw Skyline: Score 18/20; 1YL: 19/20
SOG Twitch II: Score 14/20
CRKT McGinnis Tuition: Score 15/20
Benchmade Mini Griptillian 555hg: Score 19/20
Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite: Score 17/20
Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2: Score 16/20
Spyderco Lava: Score 8/20
Filip de Coene Hybrid Friction Folder: Unscored
Spyderco Calypso Jr: Score 19/20 
Boker Exskelibur II: Score 9/20 
Benchmade Aphid: Score 19/20 
ProTech Sprint PR1: Score 16/20 
Spyderco Paramilitary 2: Score 19/20 
Spyderco Calypso 3 Carbon Fiber: Score 20/20 
Kershaw Cryo: Score 9/20; RE-REVIEW: Score 11/20
Al Mar Hawk Ultralight: Score 18/20
Spyderco Junior: Score 17/20
CRKT Ripple 2: Score 17/20 
Kershaw Zing SS: Score 18/20 
CRKT Eraser: Score 18/20 
Benchmade Emissary: Score 16/20
TuffThumbz Buck Advantage: Score 19/20
Cold Steel Mini Recon 1: Score 16/20
CRKT Drifter: Stainless Steel Model: 17/20; G10 Model: 18/20
Ka Bar Mini Dozier: Score 16/20 
TAD Gear Dauntless Mk. II: Score 20/20 
Surefire Jekyll: Score 18/20 
Byrd Meadowlark Lightweight: Score 16/20 
Curtiss Nano: Score 18/20
Steve Karroll EDMW: Score 20/20
Spyderco Native 5: Score 18/20  
Kershaw Chill: Score 16/20
Benchmade 300SN: Score 14/20 
CRKT Enticer: Score 15/20 
CRKT Swindle: Score 18/20 
SOG Bluto: Score 18/20
Zero Tolerance ZT560: Score 19/20 
Spyderco Manix2 Lightweight: Score 20/20 PERFECT  
Strider PT CC: Score 18/20
Queen Cutlery Copperhead: Unscored 
Spyderco Southard: Score 17/20
Cold Steel Micro Recon: Score 12/20 
Spyderco Pingo: Score 17/20 
Kershaw Injection 3.0: Score 19/20 
Spyderco Zulu: Score 19/20
AG Russell Small Skorpion: Score 17/20 
DPx Gear HEST/F 2.0 Blade HQ Edition: Score 16/20 
Kershaw Leek: Score 15/20
AG Russell Medium Barlow: Score 17/20
ESEE Zancudo: Score 15/20 
Spyderco Air: Score 18/20 
Hinderer XM-18: Score 20/20 
Emerson Mini CQC7: Score: 18/20 
Charles Gedraitis Small Pathfinder Flipper: Score 20/20 
Fallkniven U2: Score 19/20 
Hogue EX-01 4" Auto: Score 17/20 
San Ren Mu 605: Score 19/20 
Brous Blades Bionic: Score out of box 17/20; with mods 19/20 
Cold Steel Mini AK-47: Score 18/20; EDITOR'S SCORE: 16/20 
Spyderco Smallfly: Score 16/20 
CRKT M16 01Z: Score 16/20 
Zero Tolerance ZT0801: Score 18/20
Northwood Knives Indian River Jack: Score 20/20 PERFECT 
Cold Steel Voyager: Score 14/20 
Kershaw Cryo G10: Score 18/20
Nilete Quiete: Score 18/20 
Lionsteel SR-1a: Score 17/20 
Kershaw/Emerson CQC6K: Score 19/20
Kershaw G10 Blackwash Zing: Score 18/20 
Buck Mini Spitfire: Score 9/20; EDITOR'S Score: 6/20 
Benchmade 940-1: Score 19/20 
Kizer Ki 3404-3: Score 19/20
Smith and Sons Mudbug: Score 16/20 
Triple Aught Design Fellhoelter Compact Dauntless: Score 20/20 
Chris Reeve Mnandi: Score 20/20 PERFECT 
Zero Tolerance ZT0770CF: Score 18/20 
Emerson Mini A-100: Score 18/20 
CRKT No Time Off: Score 18/20

Fixed Blade Reviews:

Ontario Knife Company Ranger RD-7: Unscored
ESEE Candiru: Score 20/20 
Kershaw Skyline Fixed Blade: Score 17/20
Spyderco Rock: Score 18/20 
Cold Steel Recon Scout: Score 19/20 
AG Russell Odin's Eye: Unscored 
Bark River Little Creek in 3V: Score 19/20 
Condor Bushlore: Score 13/20
Bark River Adventurer: Score 20/20 
Fallkniven F1z: Score 18/20

Multitool Reviews:

Leatherman Skeletool CX: Score 19/20; 1YL: Same
Leatherman Squirt PS4: Score 20/20; 1YL: Same
Atwood Atwrench: Score 16/20
JDR Ti Baby Pacu 2.5: Score 14/20
Leatherman Sidekick: Score 17/20
Gerber Artifact: Score 4/20
Gerber Shard: Score 19/20
TT PockeTTools Chopper: Score 20/20
Leatherman Charge TTi: Score 19/20 
BushidoMosquito Custom Ti SAK RamblerSCORE SUSPENDED, see review
RoBoT One Piece Multitool: Score 16/20 
TT PockeTTools TT-7: Score 18/20
Victorinox Alox Cadet: Score 17/20 
Gerber Dime: Score 20/20
TT PockeTTools TT Zombie: Score 17/20
Click Carabiner: Score 18/20 
Spyderco Clipitool Driver: Score 18/20 
Leatherman Style PS: Score 19/20
NiteIze Doohickey: Score 13/20
Boker JDR Toucan: Score 16/20
TT PockeTTools TT Keeper: Score 17/20
Rexford TAD RUT: Score 15/20 

Flashlight Reviews:

McGizmo Haiku Score: 20/20; 1YL: Same
4Sevens Preon Package Score: 17/20; 1YL: Same
Bitz Pocket Ti Score: 19/20; 1YL: 18/20
Muyshondt Aeon: Score 20/20; 1YL: Same
Arc 6: Score 6/20; 1YL: Same
Surefire G2X Pro: Score 17/20
Liteflux LF3XT: Score 14/20
Arc AAA-P: Score 16/20
Leatherman Serac S3: Score 17/20
Fenix LD10: Score 14/20
Dark Sucks MC-18 B: Score 19/20
Lumapower Incendio XM-L: Score 18/20
4sevens MiNi Quark 123 XM-L: Score 17/20
TorchLAB Moddoolar Pocket: Score 20/20
Steve Ku 40DD: Score 17/20 
EagleTac D25a XML Ti Edition: Score 18/20
Sunwayman M11R "Mr. Elfin": Score 18/20 
4Sevens Preon 0: Score 16/20; 1YL: 15/20
LED Lenser M7R: Score 16/20 (with variability up to 18/20) 
JetBeam RRT-01: Score 18/20 
Four Sevens MM-X: Score 18/20 
Steve Ku Quantum DD: Score 20/20 PERFECT
Lighthound AA (Balder HD-1): Score 12/20--NOT RECOMMENDED
Lighthound AAA (Balder BD-0): Score 17/20 (18/20 if you like tactical UIs)
MBI CoreTi: Score 17/20 
Peak Solutions Eiger Oveready Edition: Score 19/20
Surefire EB1: Score 17/20 
47s Penlight: Score 17/20  
Muyshondt Aeon Mk. II: Score 20/20 PERFECT; Muyshondt Nautilus Mk. II: Score 19/20
Zebralight SC600 Mk.II: Score 18/20 
47s Quark QP2L-X: Score 17/20 
MBI HF: HF: Score 19/20 , HF-R: Score 19/20, and HF-R Ti: Score 20/20 PERFECT
Zebralight SC52w: Score 19/20 
Prometheus Beta-QR: Score 19/20 
47s Atom A0 Ti: Score 16/20
HDS Rotary Executive 200: Score 18/20
47s Atom AL: Score 18/20  
Armytek Partner C1: Score 12/20; EDITOR'S SCORE: SAME
FourSevens MMR-X: Score 19/20 
FourSevens MMU-X3: Score 14/20 
Orbita Lighthouse: Score 10/20
ArmyTek Viking: Score 16/20 
Xtar Pilot B20: Score 17/20
Thrunite T10T: Score 18/20
R-Pal Lantern: Unscored 
Mako Mk. II: Score 19/20 
SPY 007: Score 20/20--NOT RECOMMENDED 

Packs, Bags, and Sheathes:

Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II: Score 17/20
Tumi Briefcase: Score 20/20 (or 16/20 w/original strap): 1YL: 15 out of 20 with new strap
Tom Bihn Cadet: Score 18/20; 2YL: 20/20 PERFECT
Skinth OG: Score 16/20
Tom Bihn Dyneema Synpase: Score 19/20
Red Oxx Metro: Score 19/20 
Tom Bihn Synapse 25: Score 20/20 PERFECT
Tom Bihn Guide Pack: Score 17/20 
Tom Bihn Founder's Briefcase: Score 17/20 
NockCo Lookout: Score 20/20
Topo Designs Day Pack: Score 7/20 


Zebra F-701: Unscored
TuffWriter Ultimate Clicky: Unscored
MaxMadCo Bolt Action: Unscored
Alpha Pen: Ti Model: Score 19/20; Al Model: Score 20/20 
TuffWriter Ultimate Titanium Clicky: Score: 18/20 
Pilot Vanishing Point: Score 20/20 
Lamy Safari: Score 18/20 
Masterstroke Airfoil: Score 17/20 
Inspirs TTi-120: Score 18/20
Tombow Airpress: Score 15/20
Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen: Score 19/20 
Tactile Turn Shaker: Score 20/20 PERFECT
Masterstroke Airfoil Clicky: Score 17/20 
TT Stinger: Score 19/20

Water Bottles:

The Square: Score 18/20
My BRK: Score 16/20 
S'well Bottle: Score 16/20 
The Freedom Bottle: Unscored
Hydroflask: Score 18/20


Seiko SNGZ15J1: Score 12/20


Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet: Unscored 
Bellroy Card Sleeve: Unscored
Obtainium Wallet: Score 17/20

Bellroy Elements Pocket Wallet: Score 10/20

Miscellaneous Reviews:

Bill Hays Hathcock Target Sniper: Unscored  
TAD Gear Covert Pants: Unscored
BladeKey: Unscored 
GearPull: Unscored 
MBI ZoomHead and HF Body Tube: Unscored
TT PockeTTools 69: Unscored 
Field Notes Pitch Black: Unscored 
Tanos Mini Systainer Storage System: Unscored
TT PockeTTools TT Spork: Unscored 
TT PockeTTools TT-Capper: Unscored

My AllOutdoor Reviews:

SOG Aegis Mini: Unscored
SOG Vulcan Mini: Unscored
EagleTac TX25C2: Unscored  
Brous Blade Silent Soldier Flipper v.2: Unscored 
LED Lenser F1: Unscored 
Freeman Outdoor Gear 451: Unscored 
TAD Stealth Hoodie: Unscored 
Ka Bar Becker BK9: Unscored Reviews:

Spyderco Techno: Score 18/20 
HDS Executive Clicky: Score 18/20
CRKT Eros SS: Score 4.5 out of 5 stars
Spyderco Chaparral: Score 5 out of 5 stars
CRKT Incendor: Score 4 out of 5 stars

User Submitted Reviews:

ZT 560 by Tom: Score 18/20
Strider SNG CC by Alex: Score 18/20
JPR Toucan by Tom: Score 20/20 
Leatherman e33L by Matt: Score 15/20 
Zebralight H31 by Jason: Score 18/20
Olight S10 Baton by Reed: Score 18/20 
Xeno E03 by Spencer: Score 17/20


  1. No love for any Fenix products?

  2. I did review one Fenix light, the LD10. It was merely okay. I have no preference one way or the other, but I generally review a) what I am interested in and have bought or b) what I am given for review. I haven't been interested in a Fenix in a while and I have not been sent a review copy. That may change though with all the SHOT announcements.

  3. I'm really enjoying reading these reviews - but as a knife newbie I don't understand a lot of the terminology used to describe the different parts of the knife. I'd love a "review" explaining the finer points of the different types of knives and the different mechanisms they use. For example, in the new Kershaw Cryo review, things like flipper, thumb stud and jimping - I think I know what they are but I'm not 100% sure. I could look all these up on the Internet but I'd love you see an article by you, Tony, with pictures of various knives illustrating them.


    1. Really? Your going to wait for a review from him for simple terminology instead of googleing it and having the answers in the time you took to write your post?

  4. Flipper: the part of the knife that sticks out where the blade joins the handle. It helps with opening.

    Thumb Stud: allows one handed opening (a little "stud" near the joint mentioned above)

    Jimping: indents on the back of the knife's blade (look like teeth, usually) that gives your thumb a better grip

  5. I really like how you set up your list in chronological order. It is kind of neat seeing the evolution of your reviews. Plus I frequently send co-workers and friends to this page specifically so they can quickly find the review. Many I know have visited this page and I have since made puchases based on your reviews. Can't wait to revist this page again 2 years from now to see a much more exhaustive list. Great job!

  6. Appreciate your reviews. Do you happen to have any recommendations on knife sharpeners/sharpening stones?

    1. I really like the Sharpmaker. I am trying to get my hands on a few others to test them out--the Apex Edge Pro, the Wicked Edge, and the new one made by the same company that makes the Drill Doctor.

  7. Tony, FYI the Spyderco Southard is grouped in with the multitools and not listed as a knife.

  8. I notice the Kershaw Echelon has dropped out of your list of upcoming reviews. Any reason? Did I miss something?

    1. The Echelon has never been on the upcoming reviews list. Take a peek at the reviews list:

      Everything I have ever reviewed is over there.

  9. Any plans to review Streamlight products?

    1. I am willing to review just about anything, but Streamlight stuff tends to be very expensive for the performance you get. Surefire prices and Coast performance and design. I'll look through their product line though and see if I can find something.

  10. The MicroStream might be a good starting point.