About Me/Email/Policies

About Me

I have been fascinated with gear since I was 10, carrying a Victorinox Super Tinker and a Mag Solitaire (hey...that was state of the in 1987).  After a gear hiatus, I came back to knives and stuff when my Dad got me a Gen 1 Delica.  That knife was with me for a long time and it was eventually replaced with a Kershaw Scallion.  One of those is much better than the other.

I started this blog when I noticed a lack of systematic written reviews in the gear community.  While the list of reviews started out small, it is now pretty comprehensive.  I take great pains to make sure I do a good job, lay out all of my biases and reasons, and ignore hype.  I also hope that you find this information useful, interesting, and funny.

The blog is the hub in a wheel of content.  I write for Gear Junkie, All Outdoor, and I run the podcast Gear Geeks Live.  There is also a YouTube channel as well.

Personally, I am married to a wonderful woman who is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the College of the Holy Cross.  I have two awesome little boys.  I am from Ohio and moved to Massachusetts for post-college education.  I graduated from Xavier University with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy.  I got a masters degree in Philosophy from Boston College.  I then got a law degree (see how that works--no job, no job, JOB!) from Suffolk University Law School.  I worked for the New Hampshire Public Defender for 12 years.  I now work as an attorney for Gottesman and Hollis in Nashua.   

Contact Information

If you sell or make a product that you would like featured on this website, feel free to contact me.

Here is my email address:

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com (in the usual format)

Contact me at this address and if it is something I think people would be interested in I will contact you and make arrangements for shipping.

Based on the volume of stuff I am reviewing, I am making a few changes in my review policies.  Nothing major, just a recognition that as the site gets bigger I need to be smarter about how stuff gets reviewed.

Review Period

Here is the first change.  I am now publishing articles twice a week, every week.  This routine makes it easier on me and makes this more enjoyable to do.  The volume of stuff I am reviewing is increasing a lot and so the lead times on stuff are much longer.

From the time you send me something until the review goes up is now something like two or three months.  I will probably finish testing the product within a month, unless it is a multitool or a bag, which ALWAYS take longer, but be prepared to part with the item for at least one month.  If it is a USB controlled flashlight, expect longer. 

Second, because of the volume, I cannot afford to pay shipping to me.  If that is an issue, email me and we can chat.  I just dropped $50 in shipping for the 2nd Anniversary Giveaway.  I am glad to ship out prizes, but $50 in shipping just ain't a sexy way to spend dough.

A special note about Kickstarter and other crowd sourcing gear.  If you want a product review to go out at the same time as your Kickstarter campaign, contact me well in advance and let me know.  I will work with you on making stuff synchronize nicely if possible.  The more lead time the better.  Again, remember I am working on about a two month lead time on review articles, so that should give you an idea about when I would need stuff.  I can, of course, work a review to the top of the pile, but it is difficult to do and places more stress on me.  This is a hobby for me and the minute it is not fun, I am done.  Less rush, less stress, the better.  

Return Items

As always, I do not keep ANYTHING I review.  If you want it back that is fine and I will pay return shipping.  If you don't I will give it away.  I will not buy the item unless I can do so at FULL PRICE, including shipping.  I do not want to profit from this site in any way and if I happen to like the item so much that I want to buy it, I do not want a discount.  This is not negotiable.  I am buying it after a review I must pay a price identical to what a consumer would.  

Tweets, Podcasts, and Article Mentions

I will not mention a product or tweet it unless I find it interesting.  Bringing it to my attention is fine, but asking for a mention or a link PURELY as an ad is not something I want to get into the habit of doing.  I will not do a review of a product without a sample.  I know this sounds silly, but it has come up more than once so I guess I have to make it explicit.  I am not running a product placement blog.  There are many of those and many are quite good, but that is not what I am doing.  

Review Formats, Links, and Limitations

I will not send you a preview of the review.  I don't want to have any semblance of being tainted or having the review altered by input from the manufacturer.  If I make a mistake, say for instance, on a technical detail, contact me after the review is posted and I will both correct the mistake and note that I made a mistake.

Feel free to link to any picture or article I have posted.  That is, after all, the beauty of the web.  Feel free to use quotes as long as they aren't taken out of context or edited to be unrepresentative of what was said.  Feel free to link to logos or designs, with one exception.

The exception is pretty important and pretty simple.  The Everyday Commentary "Perfect" seal, seen here:

cannot be used unless the product actually got a "Perfect" review.  By that I DO NOT mean it got a 20 out of 20, but that it got an actual Perfect score (I explained the difference in the Pen Scoring System article, found here).  If something got a seal in the original review, it was something I deemed perfect.  If it didn't, even if it scored a 20 out of 20, I'd ask that you refrain from using it.  The reason is this--I want the seal to stand for something.  I want to give it to products and designs that are truly outstanding, products and companies that EARNED it.  You can copy and paste the seal.  The internet allows that to happen.  But please refrain from doing it unless the product got the seal in the original review.

Score Updates and Re-Reviews

As I noted in my response to Thomas W.'s criticism of the Cryo review, found here, I have decided that I will re-review products.  If you made something I reviewed and were dissatisfied with the review, you can contact me and ask for a re-review.  This is distinct from two things.  First, if I made technical errors, like getting the steel wrong, you can contact me immediately and I will make the correction to the review AND note my mistake.  Second, periodically I go back and update the score of a product.  I do this after a year and then after five years (should I be around that long).  The purpose of the update is different from a re-review.  One issue that comes up with products like knives and flashlights is that as technology improves, scores should reflect that change.  The update does this.  A knife with S30V steel is still a good knife, but that steel is no longer cutting edge (har, har).  Over time this effect will be larger and larger until S30V steel, absent some great heat treat or grind, will merit a score lower than a 2.  The Updates capture this.

A re-review, however, is a separate review with a new testing period for an item I already reviewed.  Think of it like a brand new review.  First, I will do re-reviews at my discretion.  Second, I will do them no sooner than 6 months after the first review as this prevents a maker from coming back right away and rigging the review scoring system.  Third, I will not do a third review.  Once the review and re-review are done, that's it.  The idea is to balance two competing concerns--getting something right against a lack of finality and too much influence from makers.  This site, to the extent that it works, works because I have no financial stake in this.  I don't care if one gear company is mad at me.  I'd prefer if they weren't but my first loyalty, and since this is not for money, my ONLY loyalty is to my readers.  Getting it right is important.  Giving them a final judgment is also important.  I hope this re-review policy does that.  We'll see how it works with the Cryo and go from there. 


If you want me to run data on the site, the twitter account, or the podcast, I can do it.  Let me know what you need and I will get it to you if I can.  That said, there are some general points.  I know for certain that my reviews have sent traffic to people's sites.  I know that from Google analysis of my site, information from readers, and from sellers and makers contacting me that the reviews have generated traffic.  I know from makers and manufacturers that reviews have boosted page views and sales.  I know from commissions at BladeHQ that reviews equate to sales.  It is good for your and it helps me get information out to other people about good gear.


  1. Hi Have you carried out a review on a moddoolar flashlight?

  2. Hello Tony, what motivates you to do reviews on items that you do not keep or use for long periods of time? Why spend all the time on the site?

    1. I like gear. Doing reviews gives me a chance to see a lot of stuff and help myself and others make good decisions on what to buy. I don't keep stuff so there is no sense that I am giving a good review in exchange for free products. I am going to write an article on this topic. Thanks for the great question.

  3. Tony my email is down and want to talk to you about the podcast tonite. Please call me on my cell.

  4. Couldn't help but notice the Spyderco Techno in no longer listed in the "On Deck Circle"? I was interested in hearing your thoughts...did I miss it...or did you review it on another site?

    1. It was reviewed on Everyday-Carry.com. You can find the review here:


      You can find reviews that I written for other site on the reviews page at the very bottom.


  5. Tony,

    I love the reviews and your process. Your rating scale is very detail oriented. Have you ever reviewed an Ontario RAT 1 or 2? If not, do you know where I can find a detailed review of one?


  6. Tony,

    Thank you for all of your hard work. The reviews are fantastic. I notice you mention an Opinel in a review from a while back, but I didn't see a full review for one. Any chance you will do one someday? Perhaps I just missed it.

  7. hey, I'm listening to podcast throughout podcast addict and they're missing epi 14-35. currently listening to epi 40 and gotta say, it's probably the most entertaining epi yet. not to say that you're not doing a great job, which you are. you seem like a pretty down to earth guy. awesome, awesome, keep it up.

  8. Love the site. Having said that, the light grey-on-white thing with comments renders them nearly impossible to read. You might give that some thought.

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  11. Tony, are you going to review the Leatherman Signal? I'd be curious as to your opinion.

  12. Tony, one of my nephews who lives and works in Alaska was recently down visiting and let me spend a day with a fixed knife he got from a friend of his in Anchorage. It is a Bradford Guardian 3 fixed blade. Steel is M390 with a G10 layered handle. Used it for box cutting along with poly rope, paracord and shaving some wood into tinders to start the fire pit. I thought the knife was quite good and it cut really well. Nephew said it came with a leather belt carrier but that he did not like it so had another friend make him a different style leather belt carrier. Not sure if you have heard about these but did some checking and saw Amazon has them for $116 with free shipping from Bradford Knives. Limited supply and handle colors but I will most likely pull the trigger and get the green handled one and put the knife in my car tool bag pulling out the current CRKT knife.

  13. Hello, Tony. First, let me just say that I love, love the site: always my first go-to for new gear. Just wanted to see if you've heard about the most recent Cold Steel controversy, where they're trying to copyright the "San Mai" label. Seems pretty specious to me, but you're the lawyer. Interested in your take on it. All the best.