Saturday, January 14, 2017

October, November, and December Carry

 NOTE: In writing the 2017 product previews, I got a little behind on the Bravo 1 review and instead of cramming, I thought I'd get this post out (which I wrote before what feels like exam week in college for me--I have written about 10,000 words on gear this week).  The review of the Bravo 1 will be up early next week.

Okay, it is really hard when you get an amazing knife to carry much else.  When you also have an amazing light, well, your IG feed gets a bit boring, which is why I did not do monthly summary posts of my carry for October, November, and December.  There is enough variation when the three months are combined, however, to justify a post and here it is.

Here is the set up I ran for most of the three months, basically as soon as the Small Shamwari arrived.  This is just about the perfect EDC, if you ask me: the Small Shamwari with M390 blade steel and sculpted titanium deep carry pocket clip, along with the Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III.  Both ride nicely in the Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector, almost as if they were made for it.  Simply put, this does everything you want with ease and efficiency and has nothing you don't want.  Its been six years, but this the light&saber pair that fits me 100% perfectly. 

Small Shamwari, Muyshondt Aeon Mk. 3, Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector

When I included a pen, it was often the Vanishing Point, another perfectly sized and superbly performing piece of gear.  This photo is evidence of my stupidity as included in this pocket dump is the nice by morally wasteful Vorso Spin Flat Top v2.

Small Shamwari, Aeon Mk. 3, Vorsospin Flat Top v.2, and Pilot Vanishing Point

I got a Case Small Lockback for my birthday from my sister and it is nice in the pocket.  The pocket worn finish is really great and I wish some manufacturers would try something like it.  Cold Steel, for one, could use a bit of edge easing on basically every surface of every knife. 

Case Small Lockback in Red Pocketworn Bone, MBI HF-R, and Pilot Vanishing Point

Here is the James Folsom, a knife I had in for review, that was really fun to carry.  You'll really appreciate just how slim it is when you have to carry it for a while.  It basically disappears. 

The James Brand Folsom and the Pilot Vanishing Point (yes, I love this pen)

As of late 2016, early 2017 these are my three favorite pairings of lights and knives.  Each of the knives is a superb performer and punches well above its weight.  And the CSC Boy's Knife and the Dragonfly II are incredible values.  I am consistently blown away by the finish of the Boy's Knife.  It is on par with some customs.  And the weird thing is, having owned other CSC Boy's Knives, this one is better finished than the other four I handled.  Some one was really on fire at the belt grinder that day. 

MBI HF-R and CSC Boys Knife, Aeon Mk. 3 and Small Shamwari, and Olight S1R and DF2

Christmas brought this knife:

AG Russell Lightnin' Bug and MBI HF-R

The AG Russell Lightnin' Bug.  This is an extraordinarily fine little folder, especially for the price.  The only thing that isn't top shelf is the steel--8Cr13MoV.  The handles are polished and contoured carbon fiber, the lock is a smooth but strong liner lock, and the pivot possesses a pivot so fluid opening is almost telepathic.  And the design has all of the wonders of a Russell design--maximum blade:handle, no exposed tang, and a high utility blade shape.  This is a knife that costs under $100 but feels and looks like a $300 knife.

Rounding out the carry for the last few months is this wallet--the A-Slim Yaiba.  Its in for review and every once in a while there are true rewards going outside the gear world's well trodden brands.  This is a brand I haven't heard of but its not for lack of quality.  This entire set up plays exceedingly well with a suit.
MBI HF-R, A-Slim Yaiba, Edison Pen Company Pearlette, AG Russell Lightnin' Bug

There will be more diversity in the coming months, with all of the new product launches, so I imagine I will go back to the monthly format for posts on what I carried.  Boy is there a lot of great stuff out there right now...and more is coming.  All of those previews have given me access to stuff well before it is shown to the public and there is so much awesome on its way, you might need an awesome life jacket to prevent drowning.  


  1. You definitely got a sweet lineup with the Shamwari and the aeon mk 3. Beautiful pieces of gear.

    Which companies lineup are you most excited for Tony?

    1. Really everyone but Benchmade. They screwed up royally again.

    2. Agreed, they just threw out any interest in creativity and excitement.

  2. You got me again, Tony. I got one of Gareth's new 2.75" Shamwaris in M390 based on your review and I agree it's an outstanding knife. It's really practical and follows the "everything you need, nothing you don't" school of design. I wasn't sure how I'd like the front flipper but after about two days I got a feel for it and now I'm a huge fan. The unique opening method and visual flairs like the floating backspacer and polished blade flats are just enough to keep the Shamwari interesting. Thanks again for everything, I'm really looking forward to your articles and podcast this year!

  3. So stupid of me to keep coming back to your page. I had some vague sense of what my next knife would be, but this small shamwari just cleared the table.
    I guess we have quite similar taste, even if I lack your experience. So probably thanks to you, this knifemaker has made me the custom knife I wouldn't know how to order :-)
    I love the size and performance of my small Sebenza, but I wouldn't mind if it was even smaller. And I equally love the smooth action of my Kizer Gemini. This just seems like a perfectly shrunken and improved mix of my current favorites. Unfortunately it seems like the price is an improved combination of these two as well.
    Can you tell me where I can order one of these? Note that I live in Norway and I'm dependent on supplier that offers international shipping.

    1. As of last week Gareth had a couple small Shamwaris available like the new one Tony showed us. You could try emailing him at or private message him on instagram.