Monday, November 7, 2016

The Son of a Flashoholic

Recently my parents and my grandmother came to visit.  It was a wonderful weekend with four generations in a house.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to see my grandmother and my two boys playing together.  I was also very proud of how tough my grandmother is--after losing her husband of more than 60 years, she flies on a plane out to see us, having been on a plane less than five times before in her life.  The idea that my then-18 month old would be interacting with a woman that had a profound impact on my life was just heartening.

We had to some serious sleep arrangement Tetris, but when we were finished my grandmother got my oldest son's room.  My oldest son has an affinity for flashlights.  Its not a full blown addiction, but he can still play with Nerf guns without getting hairy looks, so flashlights, comparatively speaking, are pretty boring.  But he likes mine and two years ago I got him one for Christmas.  I got him the Fenix E05 2014 Edition from Fenix.  It is a great light, for those of you unfamiliar.  Its small size and great performance make it one of my very favorite lights for under $20.  He took the E05 with him to his new temporary sleeping spot.

On the first morning they were there, my son noticed that my grandmother was using an old Energizer 2D cell light that was left in his room by someone years ago.  I saw him look at the light on his nightstand and he looked concerned.  The day flew by and when it was time to go to bed, I saw him rummage around in his things near the temporary bed and he grabbed something and then ran into his room where my grandmother was before I could see what he had.

In his tiny hand was the E05.  I heard him tell my grandmother this:

"GG, you need this.  It is a much better light than that one.  If you need to get up in the middle of the night or there is an emergency, this will be much better."

With that he dropped the little E05 in her hand and walked out.

I then did the same for him.  I gave him my nightstand light, the ridiculous SPY007, a light he knows and loves (and knows how pricey it is--"let's not throw the light on the pavement please...").  He was touched.  And my grandmother was touched, and now, as I write this I am kinda glad I have a good kid, even if he is silly about flashlights (like his old man).

Not sure why I shared this, other than to point out how silly our love of flashlights really is.  Oh well...


  1. I love everything about this story.

  2. hey man, seeing your kid recognize an opportunity to help someone and then do it is our paycheck as parents. have him tell her to keep it and buy him an upgrade.

  3. I think it's very important to teach our kids to respect the things that we/they own, and to introduce them to these things in the hope that they enjoy them.

  4. I have kids who love my knives/lights/watches too. This is a great story and a perfect time to pass on something to the next generation.
    You have a very impressive son.

  5. awesome story!! yes, it *IS* silly... but it's also kinda awesome :) And as a dad, it brought a smile to my face... well done!!

  6. Awesome. Also glad your kid calls her GG though we spell it gigi.