Monday, November 28, 2016

Cold Steel Espada XL Overview

This is bound to be a controversial week, if for no other reason than the vitriol of Cold Steel's legion of fanboys.  I have been fortunate, as internet gear reviewers go, in that I have not been invaded by a ravenous horde of them.  Unfortunately though, this it the flagship product and it will have lots of points of discussion:


  1. Eh, you're courting controversy by setting it up this way. This site is not exactly a baiting-free zone when it comes to CS. /shrug That's ok.

    And choosing the XL Espada instead of something vaguely practical like the XL Voyager (half the weight, 1/6 the cost, still a seriously big knife that would be a good vehicle for a "review a huge folder" article) is a tell -- you're looking to do some lampshading.

    Again, that's fine. It'll be funny (though I can't say "Compensator" was funny -- that fruit's not low hanging it's lying on the ground, brown.)

    CS's "flagship" is the 4-MAX, no?

    (Again, a big brawny knife, but not one that lends itself to write up as a farce.)

    The review will be a fun stunt, just don't act like CS regards this knife as anything but a fun stunt either.

    1. Its funny you write that because earlier in the day I just finished the intro in which I wrote basically the same thing. I think CS gets that this knife is ridiculous and designed it to a fun thing as opposed to a serious thing.

  2. Would love to see a review of the 4Max in earnest