Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Its a tradition, so why stop now.  Here is a preview of some of the best deals from the site's sponsors:

Blade HQ will be doing amazing stuff on Friday and Monday.

Friday starts things off right.  

Want a Half Track from Rick Hinderer?  Done.

How about a Carbon Fiber Buck 110 (for either the Lulz or future retro chic)?  Got it.

Curious about the Vanguard line from Kizer?  How about a $40 sample in the form of the Bad Dog?

Are you an auto person?  The UTX-85 (in CF) and the Kershaw Launch will both be for sale.

Monday keeps the hits comin'

The Jade G10 Skyline I checked out here, is on sale for $49.95 in either black or stonewashed finish.

Inkosis of either size with CF inlays will be available.

ProTech Runts will set you back $99.95.

And spinner fans, get ready, the original spinner, the Torqbar will be available for $139.95.  These will sell out, fo sho.

Remember to use this link: Blade HQ to benefit the site, giveaways, and the podcast.

Urban EDC Supply will be offering Everyday Commentary readers a discount.  Drop in the code EDCOMMENTARY and it's good for 15% off the entire site, limit 1 use per customer. It'll be good from Wednesday until Monday.  And let me be clear--the stuff over there is amazing and this probably the only way to get some of that gear at a discount.

If you want more information how to score good gear and gear related stuff on Black Friday, here is a refresher. 


  1. Man those micarta cadets at urban EDC supply look sweet.

  2. I'm honestly a little disappointed in BladeHQ.

    They advertised all of the Kershaw Launches as part of their big Black Friday sale.

    The problem was only ONE knife was actually a decent discount. It was a good $20 lower than the normal price. Most of the other ones though were less than $10 off the normal price, some as low as $2-$3 cheaper. Not much of a sale unless you did the research and correctly identified the one really good deal.