Monday, August 15, 2016

Caston Kadima Overview

Boy, is this a tough booger to review.  After two previous review periods where I felt like I didn't "get" the knife, I am more confident know I understand what is going on here.  Review this weekend.  Until then, here is the overview of this strange and unique blade:

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  1. This is TerryLee Renner. As anyone who has supported me through my knifemaking years is thoroughly familiar with, it is my artistic originality. I am the last guy on the planet who needs in any way to appropriate someone else's design. Darriel and I have a long-term standing relationship. I am aware of his dispute with this Serge character, who I am not familiar with. There are several differences between what I have seen of his work, and Darriel 's. I have no investment in anyone's product. I gave design advice to Darriel. Anyone claiming differently is uninformed. Trolling is not recommended.