Monday, May 9, 2016

May 2016 Giveaway

As I wrote, I am not willing to support the Wounded Warrior Project at this time and I did not have time to find and vet another veteran's charity to my satisfaction.  As a result, this giveaway will support the only charity I know FOR SURE is well run (in large part because I have interacted with it in the past).  This is year's charity is New Hampshire's Drug Court. 

1.  Go to the Friends of NH Drug Court Donate page, found here.

2.  Make a charitable donation of at least $5.

3.  When you receive the donation receipt email, forward it to me WITH AN UNALTERED SUBJECT LINE (I need to have the subject lines be the same so I can sort them easily, you can delete any payment or other info in the body of the email if you want).  Altered subject line emails will not be counted.  Not only will I not be able to see them to sort them, but this provides a modicum of authentication that the donation was actually made. Send it to this address:

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com

in the normal format.  DELETE ALL OF THE FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN THE EMAIL, but if you could, please indicate how much you donated.  A larger amount won't make it more likely that you win one of the two grand prizes, but I want to keep track so that I can have a total.  I am always working on another giveaway and this data would be a nice selling point to make that one happen. 

4. I will pick the winners on June 11 with the prize packages as follows:

Grand Prize (chosen at random): Full Gear Kit

American Knife Company Forest Knife
Anso Matrix Card Holder Wallet
Limited Edition ZT Pen (Blue Anodized)
Fenix RC09Ti
1 sealed 3-pack of Field Notes Night Sky Edition
Zero Tolerance ZT0909

Runner Up (chosen at random):  EDC

AG Russell K12 One Handed Knife (original model with VG10)
FourSevens Paladin

Big Heart (Largest Single Donation):

Jon Graham Stubby Razel Midtech

Cheap Ass (selected from all of the minimum donations):

Gerber 600

Part 1 (randomly chosen from donors that give from May 10 until May 25):

Ontario RAT II

Week 2 (randomly chosen from donors that give from May 26 until June 11):

Lumintop Tool AAA light

Remember--none of the money goes to me.  In fact, I don't even touch it.  It all goes to Drug Court.  I get that a lot of people think that Drug Court is giving people breaks that don't deserve them, but having seen THIS particular Drug Court work firsthand I can tell you that is not the case.  The police work directly with the Drug Court as do the prosecutors.  No one is getting off easy.  Violators are sent to jail on a regular basis--faster than they would be outside of Drug Court.  And the pay off is huge--those that make it out have a real chance of breaking the cycle of addiction, one that costs us all a lot of money, heartache, and suffering. 

The Stubby Razel that is a prize is an especially nice unit.  It was hand selected from the original batch at Jon's ROG event.  The lock up is super good, the detent is amazing, the flipping action is second to none, and the centering is dead on.  This is my personal knife and I am donating it, unlike the rest of the stuff, which is, as usual, review samples.  I wish the flashlight game was a bit stronger, but these are the samples I had on hand.  

And for your edification:

Giveaways from Everyday Commentary thus far:

1.  Custom Benchmade Mini Grip 555hg with S30V steel ($130)
2.  Inkleaf Leather Moleskine Cover ($70)
3.  Iain Sinclair Cardsharp ($20)
4.  American Cutlery Over the Top Pocket Clip ($7)
5.  Boker Exskelibur II ($40)
6.  Coated Aircraft Cable ($3)
7.  RoBoT One Piece Multitool ($57)
8. Leatherman Sidekick ($30)
9. CRKT Ripple 2 ($30)
10. CRKT Mah Eraser ($100)
11. Steve Ku Quantum DD ($60)
12. LED Lenser M7R ($120)
13. Sunwayman M11R Mr. Elfin ($80)
14. ESEE Candiru ($50)
15. TT PockeTTools TT-7 ($30)
16. MBI CoreTi ($75) 
17. Ka-Bar Mini Dozier ($15)
18. CRKT Drifter G10 ($18)
19. CRKT Drifter SS ($18)
20. Lighthound 1xAAA light ($25)
21. Lighthound 1xAA light ($25)
22. McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI edition ($500) 
23. TAD Dauntless Mk. II ($350)
24. CRKT Enticer ($40)
25. CRKT Swindle ($50)
29. MBI HF-R with Zoom Head ($150)
30. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet ($90)
31. Spyderco Domino ($190)
32. Zebralight SC600 Mk. II ($100)
33. Tuff Writer Ultimate Red Clicky ($100)
34. TT PockeTTools 69 ($40)
35. TT PockeTTools Thumb Drive ($10)
36. TAD Gear Camo Dispatch Bag ($200)
37. Brous Blades Bionic ($180)
38. 2x Micro Systainer (courtesy of Woodcraft)($100 total, $50 each)
39. 2x Obtainum Wallet (courtesy of Obtanium Wallets)($400 total, $200 each)
40. Spyderco Dragonfly II in Super Blue (courtesy of the blog)($100)
41. Thrunite T10T Titanium (courtesy of the blog)($50)
42. Inspirs TTi 120 Pen (courtesy of Inspirs Designs)($100)
43. Kershaw Skyline with Blue G10 and Blackwash blade (1 of 211 made)(courtesy of the blog)($100)
44. oLight i2 EOS (with bolt on clip, out of production) (courtesy of the blog)($25)
45. Masterstroke Air Foil Twisty (courtesy of Masterstroke Pens)($75)
46. James Chapter Knife ($200)
47. Prometheus Beta QR v2 ($80)
48. RC Fibers D15 Wallet ($50)
49. TT Keeper OMPT ($40)
50. Karas Kustoms Ink ($60)
51. Mini Mechanic's chest ($20)
52. ZT0770CR ($170)
53. Malkoff MDC ($100)
54. Bellroy Elements Pocket ($60)
55. Prometheus EKO OMPT ($40)
56. Smock Knives modded Kwaiken ($250)
57. ZT0562 ($200)
58. Arno Bush Baby ($140)
59. Kershaw Amplitude ($30)
60. Spyderco Cat ($50)
61. Lynch PM2 Upgrade Kit ($70)
62. Buck Mini Spitfire ($40)
63. American Knife Company Forest Knife ($240)
64. Zero Tolerance ZT0909 ($180)
65. Limited Edition Zero Tolerance Pen ($100)
66. Anso Matrix Card Holder ($200)
67. Field Notes 3-pack Night Sky Edition ($20)
68. Fenix RC09Ti ($100)
69. AG Russell One Handed Knife K-12 ($100)
70. FourSevens Paladin ($100)
71. Ontario RAT II ($30)
72.  Thrunite Tool AAA ($30)
73.  Graham Stubby Razel Midtech ($350)
Total Given Away: $6,998

As the total approaches $10,000 I am thrilled that we have raised so much.  I know this cause is a bit out of people's wheelhouse, but it is a very well run charity and something desperately needed right now.  For once, the media is actually downplaying how bad a story really is.  We hear about epidemics every day in the news, Zika, swine flu, you name it, but as someone regularly dealing with the consequences of the heroin epidemic, I can tell you from firsthand experience, as well as data analysis from across the country, it is worse than the media is saying.

Finally, if you are not so motivated to help this cause, be cynical--others may also be in the same position and not wanting to help.  Who knows, maybe many fewer people donate thus increasing your chances of winning.  


  1. The website is not currently accepting payments. At checkout the payment is declined. I have tried several times with different forms of payment. Any advice?

  2. Thanks for doing this, Tony. Not just the giveaway, but making sure people are giving to a solid organization.

  3. Tried again just now and it is up and running just like you said. My donation has been made! Good luck everyone.

  4. Worked for me. Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for doing this again, Tony!

  5. Maybe a dumb question, maybe not...

    Are we allowed to enter both Part 1 (May 10 until May 25) and Part 2 (May 26 until June 11), or just once? I just don't want to look like I'm trying to pull a fast one by forwarding two different receipt emails on different dates...

    1. In a similar vein, are we allowed to donate $5 for the Cheap Ass, and then again if we actually want to give more than $5?

  6. I just came across your site recently and I love it. After seeing this though I just had to comment. I'm fairly conservative (at least for someone from a state like mine)- if anyone here thinks Drug Court is cutting people breaks... If it is anything like Central NY I have several friends who have been part of the program. Believe me - no one considers Drug Court a "break" - It can be a wonderful second chance for people who want to change their lives... but it is EARNED. People who choose it either have a genuine desire for bettering their lives or are total fools. There are many who gladly choose incarceration over Drug Court. It can be much quicker and much easier than participation in this program. Anyone who is not on board quickly finds themselves immediately thrown in jail. And I mean immediately - you are in court 3-4 days a week and if anything is amiss you are taken to jail at the end of that days' session (by noon). If you ever meet anyone who completes the program in the minimum allotted time you have met someone with a great deal of determination. A friend of mine did it, and he was the only one in his group - he was in the program with people who had been there for several years. It's only a 9 month program!!! I'm not surprised they take donations it must cost a fortune to run.

  7. If you're behind it I'm sure it's a great cause Tony.

  8. Just a note, Tony: the subject line has, by default, the amount donated. I'm not sure if that is going to make it more difficult for you to sort.

  9. Tony do you have like a Paypal to donate to that you could then forward on to the court? Their online CC payment system hasnt worked for me and ive tried on and off for the last week or so

  10. Are the winners posted anywhere yet?