Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March 2016 Carry

March, like most of the winter of 2016, was pretty mild in New England and so I was free to carry whatever I wanted.  This resulted in a lot of Surefire Titan Plus carry.  It's such a great size and shape that it is difficult to justify carrying other stuff over it.  In particular, I think the S1 Baton is a better light in many ways, but the carry of the Titan Plus is superior.  If I owned both (the S1 was, as with many review samples, given away) it would be interesting to see which I carried more often.  I have the Titan Plus so I carry the Titan Plus.

I got in a few knives, none more impressive than the Jarosz M75.

(Jarosz M75 in AEB-L with Arctic Gray G10 handles and Muyshondt Aeon Mk. II)

This is a wonderful blade in many respects--the grind, the look, the cutting performance--but the reason I like it so much is that it is different from a lot of the handmade folders out there right now.  Liner locks are decidedly not cool in a world of titanium frame lock flippers, but in terms of functionality, I don't understand why.  All of the over travel stops and hyperextension bars are unnecessary and you get shapely handles on both sides of your knife.  I keep forgetting that the vast, vast majority of the handmade knives out there are not actually used and so this kind of stuff doesn't matter, but boy it's hard not to like liner locks.  The knife also has probably the best handle of any folder I have ever handled.  It is just amazing in the hand.  And the sculpted pocket clip is truly superior as well.  This M75 run was the first with Jesse's sculpted clip, so it's quite impressive that this first effort is just awesome.  And this from a person that hates sculpted clips.  

On the other end of the spectrum I got in the Schrade SCH36, a knife that is really challenging a lot of assumptions I had about fixed blades, overseas made knives and the Schrade brand in general.

(Schrade SCH36 with a Sinn 556i on the wrist)

If the knife cost the same as it's clear competitor--the Becker Ka-Bars it would be a good deal.  At one third the price, it is a no-brainier.  This is a knife you can beat into the ground without hesitation, because its price and its design. And I have, and boy was it is fun.

I have also been carrying my Ver Steeg Blades Imp now that the weather is a bit warmer and my son and I are out in the woods more.

(Ver Steeg Blades Imp with Surefire Titan Plus)

I cannot stress enough how great this knife is as an EDC.  If you had the will, it would be entirely possible to make all of your knives fixed blades--from small EDC to chopper.  Folders are fun, but fixed blades have their own appeal.  I used to think they were old fashioned or clearly inferior for EDC, but a well designed fixed blade is a true delight.

Another thing that has been part of my carry every day has been the Slimfold MICRO wallet.

(The Slimfold MICRO, the Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector with a Canal Street Cutlery Boys Knife, the Surefire Titan Plus, and the Sinn 556i)

I was very skeptical when I got it--it is significantly thinner than the Big Skinny and yet, for the past thirty days or so it has been very good as my constant companion.  There is no way around the fact that these minimalist wallets are really pushing the envelop of materials, but they are also not magic--you just can't carry all that much.  Still, the Slimfold looks good and carries wonderfully. 

Then, every once in a while, you just gotta go old school and carry classics (and yes, I consider the Titan Plus a classic--it's been so good in my pocket and the form factor, as I wrote above, is just awesome):

(Spyderco Dragonfly II in ZDP-189, Slimfold MICRO, and Surefire Titan Plus)


  1. Tony, Just a note to say I really enjoy these monthly carry updates. Great addition to the site.


  2. Tony, how has AEB-L on your M75 performed? I've never had an AEB-L knife, and was wondering how it measured up to steels more commonly seen on production knives. Also, in a similar vein to the SCH36, have you looked at any of the knives from RealSteel? I've been trying them out since BladeHQ and a few others began carrying them, and they've blown me away - kind of like Kizer, but targeting the mid-priced "user" market rather than high-end framelocks.

    1. The AEB-L, which is basically a razor blade steel, has done well. It definitely holds an edge. It is also quite corrosion resistant. It is very similar chemically to 13C27 and 14c28n, so I imagine it will perform like those do. I will give more in-depth info in the review.

      I have seen the RealSteel stuff, but haven't dropped the coin. The Schrade is SO cheap, at around $32, it was basically an impulse purchase.

  3. +1 to Dan's comment. I like getting an insight into what you carry in a less structured sense than "here's what's in for review".
    Couple of related questions:
    Did the Mantra continue to grab any pocket love recently?
    If I didn't have either the Titan Plus or S1 Baton, which one should I buy? (If there is even an answer to that...)

    1. The Mantra did. If everything works out the Shootout between the TRE, the Gemini, and the Mantra 1 will be up Saturday. They are all truly superior knives.

      As for the Baton v. Titan Plus, it depends. If you are basically a jeans guy and can carry something a bit thicker, go for the Baton. It has a better output and UI. But if you can't lard your pockets with stuff, the Titan Plus rocks.

  4. I love these carry updates. Always good fun to see what you have on the go.

    I recently bought the S1 based on your glowing review, and it's been working out great. So I just wanted to say thanks for that.

    Looking forward to a review of that Schrade (if you're doing one) if it's as good value as it seems. I do wish I could carry more fixed blades (for variety if nothing else), but laws are laws, and it's not worth a jail term just to carry my 2 inch Tick Bite :)

  5. If people want to try out fixed blade EDC on the cheap, I have had a lot of fun slipping the Taiwan-made Outdoor Edge Wedge (like $15) in my pocket. Its broad tip is not great for piercing packages but otherwise it's a convenient and solid little performer.

    Has a clever button-release plastic sheath, so works great dropped in pocket or (I'm told) as a little neck knife.

  6. Hey Tony, have you looked at the SCHF51, the upgrade to the SCHF36? Some nice improvements there. It also has a micarta handled version and some big brothers (SCHF51M, SCHF52, SCHF52M). Would love to hear what you think of those.

    Btw, looks like the SCHF36 is now less than a quarter of the price of a BK2.