Friday, April 1, 2016


Writing this blog over the last six years has been a ton of fun, mostly because I get to interact with you, the reader.  But in that time I have also had the chance to make contacts in the industry.  Thomas, from KAI, has been super nice.  Folks at CRKT are really incredible and generous.  Leatherman, as you would expect from a quality outfit, has been nothing but great.  But often, it is the behind-the-scenes input from makers and production folks that is the most helpful.  When the podcast crew had questions about AG Russell's "Featherlight Steel" I reached out to AG who responded personally and answered those questions.  And this is the way it has been with lots of folks--when I have questions I have been lucky enough to have really knowledgeable people to go to and often I don't have the ability to thank them publicly so you the read might not have any idea that I have talked to them.

One of those people is someone very well-regarded in the industry and he has been a great source of information for a long time.  I am not beholden to anyone or any company so I have been critical when I felt it was necessary, but nevertheless he has been pretty cool.  We have recently been discussing an upcoming product, one that will release at Blade this year, and he has given me permission to share it before the show (I know, I know the timing is terrible given the date, but I thought it would be best to share it as soon as I got it, rather than hold it).  Here it is:

The output from our friend here has been less than innovative over the past two years and I have been a vocal critic.  Every time, though, I was assured that innovation is coming.  And while I am not sure that a flipper version of your most famous and best selling knife is exactly innovative, the internals are.  We all know that flicking open the knife was something that could void your warranty, as silly as that is, and so in order to compensate for the wear associated with a flipper, the guts have been entirely redesigned (note the internal stop pin!).  I am not the world's best when it comes to mechanical engineering, but there are things in and around the pivot that have never been seen on a folder before.

If you want to do something at the highest level and you will accept nothing less than that, sometimes doing the obvious thing, the thing everyone wants, is very hard to do.  I am not saying this justifies the iterative output we have seen over the last two years, but I knew this was coming and so I kinda, maybe mentally, accounted for it.  Something is late until it arrives, but something is great forever (thanks Miyamoto...).  

Thanks again for reading and I am thrilled to be able to show this off.  Get your wallets ready.  Thanks, my friend, for letting me share this and thanks to Drew for the help he provided. 


  1. Well it's April Fools isn't it?

  2. Well it's April Fools isn't it?

  3. Well it's April Fools isn'

  4. This is the Sebenza we've all been waiting for. Finally a tool that can be opened with pride, not shame. I just wish the flipper tab were about 1/3 of an inch longer and pointed a little more downwards (towards the butt of the handle more).

  5. You sir, are full of bologna.

  6. Wow, congrats on breaking this story, Tony! I was surprised at this news due to CRK's infamous"Don't flick our knives" policy. So I sent an email inquiring if they are changing their warranty policy and, to my surprise, a customer service rep already responded. Copied/pasted below for anyone interested:

    "Good morning, Ameer:

    Thank you for your interest in Chris Reeve Knives. I understand you are concerned about our warranty policy with respect to our upcoming sebenza flipper. As with all our knives, we feel strongly that flicking our knives poses an unnecessary risk to the precision machining, fit, and tolerances of our products. The upcoming sebenza flipper is not meant to be flipped open in one motion. The intended method of opening is to gently and slowly use the flipper tab to break the blade free of the detent. Once it is free of the detent and hanging freely, the user should use two hands to begin gently guiding the blade the rest of the way open. Once the lock bar begins to engage the tang we suggest users stop, hold the knife in two hands, close their eyes, and meditate for at least ten minutes. Once the meditation is complete, the user's mind should be at rest enough to open the blade the rest of the way without causing damage. If we receive a sebenza flipper that we feel has been flipped excessively or opened while harboring negative thoughts, the warranty will be voided and the knife will only be repaired at the CRK technician's discretion.

    Thank you for your interest!
    April Yek
    CRK Customer Service"

  7. You got me... you got me...

  8. Isn't the flipper going in the wrong direction to function well as a flipper or a finger guard? Am I taking this too seriously?