Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 Carry

January is about to go out and I thought before it did, I'd run down what I was carrying this month.

There was a lot of stuff debuted and released this month, but my carry stayed pretty consistent.  The Surefire Titan Plus dominated by flashlight carry.  Its size, battery life, and output are pretty awesome.  If it wasn't the Titan Plus, I was carrying the very excellent Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III prototype.

While December was dominated by traditional knives in the Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector I opted for other blades.  One common carry was the Boker Mini Kwaiken:


The Mini Kwaiken is a noticeable improvement over the original, with a few small tweaks that make a big difference.

The cold weather militated towards thicker pants and that means that some pocket clips are just maxed out.  The Mini Kwaiken's clip was an issue, but the always excellent Jon Graham tail clip can handle just about any pants pocket:


I was very, very happy carrying this set up.  The Stubby Razel is awesome and the entire set up was small and very capable, doing pretty much whatever I needed.

Going back to work after the holiday led me to carry more pens.  I tried the TWSBI Classic with a Stub Nib and after a month or so, I am done with it. It is a wretched piece of shit.  That said here was a typical carry:


Note the always great Karroll SES.

The last major addition was a great surprise gift for Christmas--an Apple Watch.  Its not a replacement for high end horology, but as an iPhone accessory I like it quite a bit.  The real issue isn't is competition for Rolex or Patek Phillippe, but the notion that it is useful enough to persuade a lot of non-IWS folks into avoiding anything like a classic watch and opt for the Apple Watch instead.  I'll get into my impressions on the Apple Watch later, but suffice to say, I am impressed, not necessarily as a watch, but as a piece of tech.


I really do love the Shamwari.


  1. I like the Boker Urban Trapper and would love to see your review of it. Has a great blade to handle ratio iirc.
    But also iirc, you wrote that you had a bad initial impression of it. Maybe that was the one w/o scales. I'm thinking of getting one w/ the black g10. That or an Al Mar Hawk. I have the Eagle HD ZDP but it's a bit big.

    1. Love my G10 Urban trapper. Best value purchase in a long time.

  2. Interested to hear your thought on the apple watch. I posted in your "non-starter" article that I was torn on smart watches, and I still am. It looks like you've come around, so it'll be interesting to hear why.