Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where is the Podcast?

Its on hiatus. 

A few things are going on right now.

First, my newest son has decided to be a bad sleeper.  That and the new stuff associated with my oldest going to school has made my life and my family's life very busy.  This is 90% of it.  Once that calms down I plan on coming back and doing more shows.

Second, and more of a concern for you is this--I was greatly dissatisfied with the quality of the product.  The actual guests and cohosts were awesome.  The conversations were exactly, exactly what I wanted them to be, but the technical aspects were irksome to begin with and became an outright hassle towards the end.  The sound quality was never great, but the corrupted files and misaligned tracks and all of that bullshit just killed me.  I work very hard to make sure what I bring you is worth your time.  That's what you pay me in--time.  I don't and won't ever ask for money.  I am not about to put out a tip jar.  That's bullshit.  I know some folks do, but I never will.  If you want, go through the affiliates and advertisers, but I want to make sure that what you get is 100% free, but worth your time.  Your time is valuable and while many of you were grateful and put up with some total shit sounding podcasts I was not comfortable with them being representative of what I do and what I like about the gear community.

But I am not an audio whiz.  If I were, I'd love to devote the time and resources necessary to get NPR quality sound, but this is a hobby, actually an offshoot of a hobby.  What I need is someone that can do the audio stuff for me.  Ideally, I'd like to be part of a podcast network, just send in the audio recordings, have the network folks mix them and host them.  That's probably not going to happen.  First, we aren't commercial enough for that (Edge Observer alone makes us "not commercial").  Second, a lot of the networks want some kind of content control, and that will happen only when I am dead.  I have turned away too many offers and turned down writing for too many places out of concern for my content to have that change now.  So short of a network, I'd like to hire (yes, PAY) a producer. 

If you are a network and want a great podcast delivered with advertisers and everything, so long as you edit and mix the feeds, I have your content with a built in audience, contact me.  If you are competent with mixing audio and can work on a regular schedule and want to get paid cash for your time, contact me.

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com in the usual format

If neither of these things come through look for a new podcast in April or so.  Let's just hope my littlest one decides to STTN again.  I loved the conversations we had and I am not done doing what I set out to do with the podcast--to create a informed, intelligent discussion of gear grounded in higher principles like design concepts, business and management issues, science and engineering, and, on occasion, the law.  The audience is there.  My desire is there.  The industry is willing.  It is the time and technical ability that isn't. 

Gear Geeks Live isn't done.  When I am confident that the quality is worth your time and that I can put out the podcast without me or my family suffering it will be back.


  1. Man, if I had a little more experience and knowledge I would totally do this for you guys for free just to be a part of something I really enjoy. But, alas, I am no good at audio despite a few amateurish efforts throughout my life.

    And I have totally been there with the non-sleeping infant. When this happened with my second kid, I completely gave up a couple hobbies I was pretty serious about (goodbye, fantasy baseball...). So I can totally understand taking a break from the podcast for a few months.

    Good luck on both the family and technical fronts - I'll look forward to the next ggl whenever you're able to do it!

  2. Well that answers that... I'd wondered. I'm sad that there's no podcast for a bit, but as a dad of a toddler I totally understand and can't imagine having two kids right now. I really hope someone steps up to help you out with all that. Like Ameer said, if I could I would in a heartbeat. Heck I'd do it for payment in Spyderco knives instead of cash.

    Thanks for standing by your principles of objectivity and independence. It's good to come here and know that there's no shill. I do somewhat regret that this means we don't have a way of directly supporting the site/podcast, but I guess going through the sponsors is enough for now.

  3. Tony,
    Thanks for the update. I have been missing your podcast. I have appreciated your take on knives, smaller and more modest than the knife community in general, as well as the various forays into philosophy, archtypes etc. For sound, I wonder if you could get some advice from the Knife Journal guys on how they record. Their sound quality is pretty good, and it is a sideline for them as well. Of course, family is first and a poor sleeping child can wreck havoc in a family-so good luck and happy holidays

  4. Creaky studios is a professional podcast mixing company. He has several levels of services he offers and is used by some of the best podcasts out there.

  5. Out of curiosity, do you know what caused the static issues in episodes 63 and 65?

  6. While I miss the podcast, but I'd rather not have one than have a product you're not satisfied with. I await the return of the pod and will slow-jack it to the Gemini review in the meantime.

  7. Aww man. I was wondering where it'd gotten off too. I love it, bad audio quality and all! I've been trying to start a podcast with some fellow administrators of the car group we run on Facebook (Obscure Cars For Sale, if anyone's interested. Great group) but frankly as fun as it'd be, the technical aspects are daunting to me.