Monday, November 9, 2015

WWP Giveaway November 2015

With Veteran's Day falling early this year and my new baby getting very little sleep, I am kicking off the giveaway just before Veteran's Day instead of ending it on the holiday.  This year we have a ton of gear, a metric ton, to give away so sit back, read how its done, and imagine winning all of the tasty goodies:

Here is how this will work:

1.  Go to the Wounded Warriors website.

2.  Make a charitable donation of at least $5.

3.  When you receive the donation receipt email, forward it to me WITH AN UNALTERED SUBJECT LINE (I need to have the subject lines be the same so I can sort them easily, you can delete any payment or other info in the body of the email if you want).  Altered subject line emails will not be counted.  Not only will I not be able to see them to sort them, but this provides a modicum of authentication that the donation was actually made. Send it to this address:

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com

in the normal format.  DELETE ALL OF THE FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN THE EMAIL, but if you could, please indicate how much you donated.  A larger amount won't make it more likely that you win one of the two grand prizes, but I want to keep track so that I can have a total.  I am always working on another giveaway and this data would be a nice selling point to make that one happen. 

4. I will pick eight winners on Thanksgiving Day 2015 with the prize packages as follows:

Grand Prize (chosen at random): Full Gear Kit

Fallkniven F1z
Zero Tolerance ZT0566
One Olight S1 Baton
One SEALED pack of Field Notes Night Sky Edition
One Blue Sharbo X LT3
One Prototype Gamble Made Gatekeeper
One Keysmart

Runner Up (chosen at random):

One Gerber 39 Micarta (perfect fit and finish)
One Surefire Titan Plus (with flashlight toupee)

Veteran (must be a vet to enter):

Mora Companion

Big Heart (Highest Single Donation):

One custom Sinner Tri EDC Flashlight with 18350 included
Freeman 451 Flipper

Big Mouth (Chosen at random from folks using the hashtag #everydaycommentaryveteranGAW):

One Northwoods Knives Everyday Barlow Spearpoint in Blue Camel Bone (with perfect fit and finish)

Cheap Ass (selected from all of the minimum donations):

Baladeo Papagayo

Week 1 (randomly chosen from week one's donors):

Boker Anso Zero

Week 2 (randomly chosen from week two's donors):


Remember--none of the money goes to me.  In fact, I don't even touch it.  It all goes to WWP.  I know some folks dislike WWP, but I think they are the place to give because, while they are not perfect, they have the most impact.  Here is my rationale for sticking with them.

And for your edification:

Giveaways from Everyday Commentary thus far:

1.  Custom Benchmade Mini Grip 555hg with S30V steel ($130)
2.  Inkleaf Leather Moleskine Cover ($70)
3.  Iain Sinclair Cardsharp ($20)
4.  American Cutlery Over the Top Pocket Clip ($7)
5.  Boker Exskelibur II ($40)
6.  Coated Aircraft Cable ($3)
7.  RoBoT One Piece Multitool ($57)
8. Leatherman Sidekick ($30)
9. CRKT Ripple 2 ($30)
10. CRKT Mah Eraser ($100)
11. Steve Ku Quantum DD ($60)
12. LED Lenser M7R ($120)
13. Sunwayman M11R Mr. Elfin ($80)
14. ESEE Candiru ($50)
15. TT PockeTTools TT-7 ($30)
16. MBI CoreTi ($75) 
17. Ka-Bar Mini Dozier ($15)
18. CRKT Drifter G10 ($18)
19. CRKT Drifter SS ($18)
20. Lighthound 1xAAA light ($25)
21. Lighthound 1xAA light ($25)
22. McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI edition ($500) 
23. TAD Dauntless Mk. II ($350)
24. CRKT Enticer ($40)
25. CRKT Swindle ($50)
29. MBI HF-R with Zoom Head ($150)
30. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet ($90)
31. Spyderco Domino ($190)
32. Zebralight SC600 Mk. II ($100)
33. Tuff Writer Ultimate Red Clicky ($100)
34. TT PockeTTools 69 ($40)
35. TT PockeTTools Thumb Drive ($10)
36. TAD Gear Camo Dispatch Bag ($200)
37. Brous Blades Bionic ($180)
38. 2x Micro Systainer (courtesy of Woodcraft)($100 total, $50 each)
39. 2x Obtainum Wallet (courtesy of Obtanium Wallets)($400 total, $200 each)
40. Spyderco Dragonfly II in Super Blue (courtesy of the blog)($100)
41. Thrunite T10T Titanium (courtesy of the blog)($50)
42. Inspirs TTi 120 Pen (courtesy of Inspirs Designs)($100)
43. Kershaw Skyline with Blue G10 and Blackwash blade (1 of 211 made)(courtesy of the blog)($100)
44. oLight i2 EOS (with bolt on clip, out of production) (courtesy of the blog)($25)
45. Masterstroke Air Foil Twisty (courtesy of Masterstroke Pens)($75)
46. James Chapter Knife ($200)
47. Prometheus Beta QR v2 ($80)
48. RC Fibers D15 Wallet ($50)
49. TT Keeper OMPT ($40)
50. Karas Kustoms Ink ($60)
51. Mini Mechanic's chest ($20)
52. ZT0770CR ($170)
53. Malkoff MDC ($100)
54. Bellroy Elements Pocket ($60)
55. Prometheus EKO OMPT ($40)
56. Smock Knives modded Kwaiken ($250)
57. ZT0562 ($200)
58. Arno Bush Baby ($140)
59. Kershaw Amplitude ($30)
60. Spyderco Cat ($50)
61. Lynch PM2 Upgrade Kit ($70)
62. Buck Mini Spitfire ($40)
Total Given Away: $5,548 

I don't toot my own horn often, but I challenge you to find someone else that reviews gear as a hobby that has given away this much stuff to benefit a worthy cause.  I don't do this to generate more readers, traffic, or ads.  I do this solely to benefit the troops.  The added benefit is that I don't keep any of the review samples I am given.  

Go donate.  Share on Instagram using the hashtag #everydaycommentaryveteranGAW (automatically entering you to win the Northwoods EDB).  Thanks.  And Vets, thank you, of course.   


  1. Great to see another years WWP giveaway. I've been around long enough to know and I'm sure a lot of other readers have too but in your post it's not 100% clear that for the vets to qualify, they don't have to pay anything ("you've already paid enough" I believe I the phrase you've used for several years running). Also, no line this year about the long slow hot elevator ride to hell for people who cheat the system and win ;)?

  2. Thanks for continuing this tradition Tony.