Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gear of the Year Survey

Let's make this more official than last year.

Everyday Commentary Gear of the Year Awards Survey

This will be up and running until December 31.  I will collect the results then.


Dang it!  Forgot the watch category...ballz...


  1. Would you possibly help us out by re-listing the categories? Maybe the candidates you've listed as well, if all that isn't too much trouble. Thanks!

  2. I was hoping for a couple negative categories to be a bit grinchy about some shitty gear and trends from 2015 - will that come in another form?

    1. What Peter said. E.g.:

      * Plateau Award for Nonimprovement. This is not for a company that sucks but for one that is stuck. My finalists would be Chris Reeve, Benchmade, and Foursevens. The last is somewhat unfair b/c part of that was external circumstances -- but still, compare the lack of vigor of FS's redesign response to the Surefire patent litigation onslaught with, say, that of Fenix.

      * Bad Move of the Year. The Cold Steel v CRKT "virtual fixed blade!" lawsuit would probably be the runaway winner, even though I personally found it less ridiculous than most.

      * Most Played Out Trope. "Overbuilt"? Framelock Ti flippers? Insanely early lockup? Lumen wars? Side button UIs? Selector ring UIs?<--ohyeahIsaidthat)

      * Cheesiest Hipsterism.

      Spread the holiday cheer!

    2. Yeah! separate negative poll please! Something of a razzie awards for gear

    3. Plus Most Overhyped, Worst close, Most money for least product, ugliest knife

  3. Any chance you'll be giving us the heads-up on Blade HQ Black Friday sales again this year?

  4. Kinda slim pickins on choices, eh?