Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday Specials from Sponsors

Derrick over at Knives Ship Free is running a special contest.  He is giving away a knife everyday.  All you need to do is order to enter.

Blade HQ has a ton of stuff coming Friday.  UTX70s with the exclusive gladius tip (think Roman sword) and the LUDT both from Microtech.  They will have the Emerson/Kershaw CQC6 for $24.99.  The ESEE Izula with exclusive "Ant Swarm" graphic overlay will be $56.95.  On Monday $26 Kershaw Cryos in G10 (this is the RIGHT Cryo to get), as always, they have some Hinderer specials and exclusives.  They will also have some Hom Balis which are always very hot, some Kock OPMTs, and v2 Rexford RUTs with leather sleeves.

E2Field Gear will have some flashlight sales.  All in stock Armytek lights will be 15% off.  No coupon necessary.  As a reader of Everyday Commentary you can save an extra 5% by using the code ARMY2.  A few Zebralight headlamps will be on sale: the H600FW, H600 and H502w.  Again readers of the blog can use the code Zebra2 to save 12%.  Finally they will have a selection of 18650 Li-ion batteries, XTAR Chargers and Zero Tolerance Knives on sale with no coupon needed either. The sale will start on 12:01AM Thursday and run through Monday or until inventory is exhausted.


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