Monday, October 26, 2015

Kershaw Tilt Overview

Elliot kindly lent me his Kershaw Tilt for a review and let me say--this thing is amazing.  I love every single thing about the Tilt, even with its behemoth size.  It is a design triumph of the first order and now, even as other folders incorporate many of the features that made the Tilt awesome, I am still really impressed with just how awesome this design is.

Get ready for a review (not this week, though) of the foundation for all modern superfolders.


  1. Fascinating. My Q: Is it fair to say the Tilt was, in all but name, the first ZT, at least as we know ZT today?

    I know ZT had existed for a couple of years before the Tilt's debut (in 2010-11), but as I recall they were only making the big blobby Onion knives for cops and soldiers.

    Is it fair to say the exotic-roadster boutique stuff that has massively impacted the industry started with this knife?

  2. The Tilt is not that exotic by today's standards. At the time it was. If the tilt started it then the original zt0777 is what kicked into high gear. They were only 1yr apart (tilt was the 2010 America koty and the 0777 was the 2011 overall koty). The 0777 makes the tilt look almost downright utilitarian though.

    Love both of them to death.

  3. What was the MSRP and street price of the Tilt when it was initially released? How many were produced?

    Is the specialness and fervor surrounding the Tilt due to it being one of the first of its kind or is there something else I'm missing? The Helen of Troy that launched today's armada of bearing pivot-frame lock-flippers. Aside from its exotic steel it sounds equivalent to a Zero Tolerance 0452CF of today.

  4. Saw the Allen Edmonds on Instagram. If you can return them, I'd do so and get the Alden model. 5 lace holes vs 6 for Allen Edmonds. Better shape to the lasts too.

    1. I tried the Aldens but I have very unusual feet. They killed me. The AEs accommodated my scuba flippers much better. I haven't bought either though.

    2. Ah thanks. Alden makes different lasts, so they probably have one that fits you well. But not all models are made in all lasts. You might try Pediwear and Shipton and Heneage for British-made version at about the same price. Although you wouldn't be able to try them on. Brooks Brothers and Polo have shoes made by US and Brit companies. They're overpriced but go on sale often. Stacking the corporate discount onto a BB sale is really helpful.