Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sinner Tri EDC Overview

I am still working out the schedule for posts, post-baby #2, so for now it will be one a week, guaranteed, on Tuesday, and, if possible another on Friday.  I am not going to kill myself to do two a week, but if I can, like this week, I will.

Anyway, I thought this light deserved a closer look.  Its pretty amazing for the money and it is from a relatively new maker, so here you go (review on Friday):


  1. Looking forward to this review. I got into flashlights a little too late to score a mac's Tri-edc and I just stumbled on Sinner's CPF page the other day. Really like the look of his copper 18350 as a less expensive but readily available alternative.

  2. There's a new guy on CPF named OKluma, and he's making lights that look like the now defunct Mac's Tri-EDC. Check him out.

  3. Great! Thank you for good review from Sinner Tri EDC is really very small, portable and useful for everyday using.