Sunday, June 21, 2015

AG Russell K12 Overview

Its so weird how some knives are meh and get a lot of a attention and some are very good and skirt under the radar. The AG Russell One Handed Knife one heck of a great knife and one that has received virtually no attention.  As a platform of upgrades there are tons of options and there are some really cool versions made by AG Russell a while ago.  Most of them have appreciated dramatically on the secondary market.  This is the mid range version of the One Handed Knife, updated for 2012, hence the K12 designation.  All of the One Handed Knives are cool, but this one is probably better as an EDC than the FRN version thanks to the excellent clip.  Full review at the end of the week:


  1. Nice video, Tony. Thanks. I have been interested in AG Russell knives in the past, but it's hard to find reviews of them and I've never handled one.

    Right now, the AG Russell website is very confusing when it comes to the K12. There are two knives with the same name and identical-looking designs - your knife, and another with different overlay options and 9Cr13CoMoV steel. The VG-10 version says it has a "front lock" and the 9Cr13CoMoV version says it has a "one hand lock." I suspect it's the same lock, but it's very hard to tell from the description. Also, the 9Cr13CoMoV version is quite a bit cheaper which confirms your guess that the high price of the VG10 version is partly due to having to ship Japanese steel to China.

    1. Hmmm - one more thing. Quite a while ago you had an article about the Acies2. Did you ever get to handle one? I am curious what people think of that knife. The handle has a concerning design element that I've seen on other AG Russell knives - a little pointy flare at the back/bottom of the handle. To me, that seems like an obvious uncomfortable spot, especially on the smaller-handled knives - but it's really hard to know without holding one

  2. I've used A.G. Russell folding knives for about 20 years and still have a K87 with combination edge as well as several other smaller folders. My everyday carry is an A.G. Russell FeatherLite K93 and a smaller titanium version. The K87 is superb, but too heavy and its lack of scales makes it slippery to hold. Good products and a good company to do business with.

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