Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One ends and another begins

The #TADventures contest was a success.  The winner is: chorizoisgood with his beautiful canopy shot from April 19, 2015.  There were 58 entries and some were amazing.  Mike Rixman gets special bonus points for his blatant use of a cute kid outside, something I am particularly susceptible to. 

Thanks to Triple Aught Design and the Goddness of Gear, Raquel Donati for donating the awesome Burke Dog Tag. 

Chorizoisgood, drop me an email at everydaycommentary at gmail dot com in the usual format.  I send the Dog Tag and patches out ASAP.

With that bit of business finished, let's move on to the next contest.  

Well, its May and Memorial Day is coming up, so its time to pay our respects with another bi-annual WWP giveaway.

Here is how this will work:

1.  Go to the Wounded Warriors website.

2.  Make a charitable donation of at least $5.

3.  When you receive the donation receipt email, forward it to me WITH AN UNALTERED SUBJECT LINE (I need to have the subject lines be the same so I can sort them easily, you can delete any payment or other info in the body of the email if you want).  Altered subject line emails will not be counted.  Not only will I not be able to see them to sort them, but this provides a modicum of authentication that the donation was actually made. Send it to this address:

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com

in the normal format.  DELETE ALL OF THE FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN THE EMAIL, but if you could, please indicate how much you donated.  A larger amount won't make it more likely that you win one of the two grand prizes, but I want to keep track so that I can have a total.  I am always working on another giveaway and this data would be a nice selling point to make that one happen. 

4. I will pick four winners on Memorial Day 2015 (May 25) as follows:

a) EDC Kit #1: chosen at random.  Kit #1 includes:

--James Chapter Knife, Storm Trooper Colorway (courtesy of the blog)
--Prometheus Beta QR v2 (Scout Leather Polished Brass Edition)(courtesy of Prometheus)
--RC Fibers D15 Wallet and CF Clip (courtesy of RC Fibers)
--TT Keeper OPMT (courtesy of TT PockeTTools)
--Karas Kustoms Ink (courtesy of Karas Kustoms)
--Mini Mechanics chest EDC storage (courtesy of the blog)

b) EDC Kit #2: chosen at random.  Kit #2 includes:

--Zero Tolerance ZT770CF (courtesy of www.knivesshipfree.com)
--Malkoff MDC (courtesy of the blog)
--Bellroy  Elements Pocket (courtesy of Bellroy)
--Prometheus EKO OMPT (courtesy of Prometheus)

c) Big Heart, awarded to the person with the single largest donation:

--One of a kind, Smock Knives modded Boker Kwaiken with Dietz Flipper (courtesy of the blog)

By the way, good luck getting one of these so other way.  The vaporize on the forum boards, Dietz has vanished and Smock is making his own stuff.  This one is pretty bitchin' too in translucent green G10:

d) Veteran only, awarded to a veteran chosen at random (vets do not need to donate to enter, you've done enough, simply send me an email with the subject line of "EDC Veteran's Day Giveaway--Vet" and in the body of the email include confirmation information--such as a service ID number or a picture of your military ID).
--Zero Tolerance ZT0562 (courtesy of www.knivesshipfree.com)
--Arno Bush Baby Anniversary Edition (courtesy of www.knivesshipfree.com)

This year, to spur donations, I am giving away some small prizes for biggest donation in a given week.  Note that these wins DO NOT remove the winner from the Big Heart prize. 

e) Week 1 biggest donation:

--Kershaw Amplitude 2.5 (courtesy of the blog)

f) Week 2 biggest donation:

--Spyderco Cat (courtesy of the blog)

g) Week 3 biggest donation:
--Casey Lynch Paramilitary 2 upgrade kit (includes new custom scales and over the top pocket clip)(courtesy of Casey Lynch, who needs a website for me to link to)
h) Smallest donation (chosen at random if needed):

--Buck Mini Spitfire (courtesy of the blog)

Again, the amount of the donation doesn't matter (except for the Big Heart and Weekly prizes) and large donations won't be counted more than once.   Multiple donations from the same person will be counted as one entry (please try not to do that, it makes tallying stuff up difficult).  I guess you could cheat, by faking a donation receipt email or pretending to be a vet, but hopefully if you do you will be enjoying your free gear on the slow, hot elevator ride to Hell.  I'll post how much we raise once everything is tallied.

The contest will begins today.  You can donate whenever so long as it is more than $5.

Let's do this.  Spread the word, too.
Thanks for participating.  All prizes, including the weekly winners, will be distributed at the end of the contest.   

And for your edification and as proof of transparency (noting that the total is near the cost of an Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial...):

Giveaways from Everyday Commentary thus far:

1.  Custom Benchmade Mini Grip 555hg with S30V steel ($130)
2.  Inkleaf Leather Moleskine Cover ($70)
3.  Iain Sinclair Cardsharp ($20)
4.  American Cutlery Over the Top Pocket Clip ($7)
5.  Boker Exskelibur II ($40)
6.  Coated Aircraft Cable ($3)
7.  RoBoT One Piece Multitool ($57)
8. Leatherman Sidekick ($30)
9. CRKT Ripple 2 ($30)
10. CRKT Mah Eraser ($100)
11. Steve Ku Quantum DD ($60)
12. LED Lenser M7R ($120)
13. Sunwayman M11R Mr. Elfin ($80)
14. ESEE Candiru ($50)
15. TT PockeTTools TT-7 ($30)
16. MBI CoreTi ($75) 
17. Ka-Bar Mini Dozier ($15)
18. CRKT Drifter G10 ($18)
19. CRKT Drifter SS ($18)
20. Lighthound 1xAAA light ($25)
21. Lighthound 1xAA light ($25)
22. McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI edition ($500) 
23. TAD Dauntless Mk. II ($350)
24. CRKT Enticer ($40)
25. CRKT Swindle ($50)
29. MBI HF-R with Zoom Head ($150)
30. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet ($90)
31. Spyderco Domino ($190)
32. Zebralight SC600 Mk. II ($100)
33. Tuff Writer Ultimate Red Clicky ($100)
34. TT PockeTTools 69 ($40)
35. TT PockeTTools Thumb Drive ($10)
36. TAD Gear Camo Dispatch Bag ($200)
37. Brous Blades Bionic ($180)
38. 2x Micro Systainer (courtesy of Woodcraft)($100 total, $50 each)
39. 2x Obtainum Wallet (courtesy of Obtanium Wallets)($400 total, $200 each)
40. Spyderco Dragonfly II in Super Blue (courtesy of the blog)($100)
41. Thrunite T10T Titanium (courtesy of the blog)($50)
42. Inspirs TTi 120 Pen (courtesy of Inspirs Designs)($100)
43. Kershaw Skyline with Blue G10 and Blackwash blade (1 of 211 made)(courtesy of the blog)($100)
44. oLight i2 EOS (with bolt on clip, out of production) (courtesy of the blog)($25)
45. Masterstroke Air Foil Twisty (courtesy of Masterstroke Pens)($75)

Total: $3948 given away thus far
Funds Raised for the WWP: roughly $1800 (NOTE: many of the giveaways in times past were not part of the WWP contests).



  1. When we forward it, should we leave the "Fwd: " part in the subject line? In which case, our email to you will have the subject line "Fwd: Wounded Warrior Project Thanks You for Your Support"?

  2. Thank you! Just forwarded mine.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. http://clashdaily.com/2012/12/wounded-warrior-project-ceo-confirms-organization-is-anti-gun-and-anti-knife/

  5. Very cool contest, but I’m a little frustrated with WWP at this point. I made a contribution a couple of days ago, got an on-line confirmation (with reference ID number), but I never received a confirmation e-mail. So…I guess I don’t get to enter the contest. I fully understand that a contest entry isn’t the point of a charitable donation, and I’m glad to support the program, but I’d be lying if I said my donation wasn’t at least in part motivated by this contest. I’ve sent a follow-up message to WWP (and I feel a bit petty taking up their time with this kind of issue), so I’m hoping a confirmation e-mail will be forthcoming in a few days…if not, it’s still nice to contribute to a worthy cause.

  6. Just a quick follow-up to my earlier comment: The Giving Outreach Tem at WWP sent me a very courteous response today documenting my donation, which I promptly forwarded to Tony. Hopefully this will count as my contest entry, if not, c’est la vie…it’s still a good thing.