Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Sponsor--Mass Drop

After my ranting rant about ranty things where I bashed Optics Planet pretty hard and puffed my sponsors--the great Blade HQ, Knives Ship Free, E2Field Gear, and HL Human--I was a little worried that my vetting was too harsh to allow anyone else short of St. Judes to be a sponsor.  Fortunately there are a lot of great companies out there and Mass Drop is one of them.  I worked with them before on a review of the excellent Fallkniven F1z and I have participated in a number of drops myself, including the pending Native 5 in FRN (for $74 right now, but with the chance to get it down to $69...come on folks that is a steal!). 

Mass Drop is not just an awesome new idea and way of buying things, it does something that goes to the heart of what this site is about--finding the best through sharing information.  I know this sounds like a bullshit platitude, but the truth is, I learn as much or more from readers than I could ever put out.  And with the wisdom of enthusiast crowds at work at Mass Drop, the same is true there.  The stuff that wins votes for drops is always good, even if it isn't necessarily my cup of tea. 

If you haven't seen Mass Drop, click through the link and look around.  The EDC community is quite robust and they do a good job of finding new and cool stuff, like the soon to be reviewed Scout 2.0 Slingshot.  Yep, another slingshot.  They are my EDC guilty pleasure.  Sue me. 


  1. If slingshots are your cup of tea then you might want to look at these, also.


    1. Click those last two links. The first is a review of the Hathcock Sniper, one of the Pocket Predator Slingshots. The second is a link round up including

  2. If you are looking for slingshots, then you can't miss Those guys carry anything and everything related to slingshots and their customer support is legendary.

  3. I love Massdrop, glad to see them added as a sponsor. Have you considered recommending an item for vote?

  4. I can't wait for the Scout review! I have wanted a good slingshot for awhile and that one looks like a winner!

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