Monday, February 2, 2015

Spyderco Jess Horn Overview

Okay, I know I said I would pick a winner for the Spinner, but I am giving everyone another week.  Here's why:  given the interest Enrique has decided to up the ante.  I will pick five people.  The first person will win the soon to be released Spinner.  The second and third person will receive a 20% off discount code good for the month of February.  The fourth and fifth person will receive a 15% off discount code.  So, if you haven't entered, go to the original Muyshondt Madness post, comment and this coming Tuesday I will pick five folks. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The words "Jess Horn" and "Spyderco" send collector's and the eBay search engine into a frenzy, but this is the OTHER Jess Horn and frankly, this is the one I like best.  There are bunch of versions--micarta, AG Russel special editions, and ones with ultralight linerless FRN.  But the jewel of the Jess Horn Lightweights is the 2006 Sprint Run with Burgundy handles and a laminated blade of ZDP-189 and 420J2 steel.  It combines the best features of an Al Mar Ultralight and a Spyderco making it a great light EDC.  Here is the video overview:

Here is some bonus content--my collection of ZDP-189 folders:


  1. Based on your love of ZDP and praise for the Al Mar hawk, I did end up buying the ZDP eagle in earth brown, which has a really nice tint of gray/black.