Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Cool EDC-related Celebrity Videos.

Adam Savage from Mythbusters really knows what he is doing with his EDC.  Here he lays out all of his daily carry and though I wish he had a better light and I get the sentimental reasons for the Rolex, everything else seems pretty darn good.  

If you haven't taken a listen, the Still Untitled podcast is a pretty great show. Its not EDC-related but the topics are varied and the hosts are interesting.

The second video, found only in link form, is this video from the Travel Channel showing Jacques Pepin deboning a chicken.  I post it here because this is a master demonstrating some very precise knife techniques, all used to perfection.  There are "faster" guys out there (Martin Chan) but none a quick and precise.  When I say "knife skills" this is one of the more practical demonstrations of what I mean. 


  1. Adam has a slick, rational EDC of the "herbivore" type; no blades or tool bits. If you fly a lot between nannyfied coastal cities and dislike checking bags I can see how you end up there.

    The Pepin video was legit. Good find.

    1. Yeah if I flew a lot I'd stop carrying knives, tools, bottle openers, etc. It just wouldn't be worth the hassle. Imagine spending a fortune on a fancy custom OPMT, and have it confiscated by airport security. Not worth it.

  2. I just can't bring myself to get a flashlight. Partly because I can't find exactly what I want. If anybody knows of a AAA no bullshit mode light with a recessed tail cap switch please let me know. Something like if the Foursevens Atom A0 had the SOG Dark Energy tailcap. I have a DE 247A but a two CR123 light is waaaaaaaay too big for me to EDC.

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