Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WWP Giveaway Winners

First, let me thank the vets I know--my Dad, my father in law Dom, my friend Joe--thanks for all being selfless and great men, easily worthy of being an example for future generations of boys and girls. 

Second, let me thank all those that have served.  You did amazing and dangerous things for us.  You and your families have made sacrifices for me and my family.  We cannot hope to repay you, but please let us help return the favor.  If your coffee is paid for or your gas is free one day, consider it a small token of gratitude.  We can't repay you completely, but we can say thanks.

Third, let me thank the people that donated.  This year was a tremendous success.  It was easily as successful as the past giveaways.  The average donation (the AVERAGE) was $22.37.  More people participated this year than in the last two years.  With a response like this I don't plan on quitting any time soon.

So here are the winners, you have all been contacted by email already, but just in case it gets eaten by the spam eating machine:

1st Prize: Andrew Lang
2nd Prize: Bob Davis
Big Heart: Howard Hughes (there were two donations that tied for the biggest, so I used random.org to choose--1-50 first big donation got it, 51-100, Howard got it.  The number was 67). 
Vet: Staff Sargent Daniel Zellmer

Let me just take a second here to point out something crazy--Dan not only IS a vet, he also donated.  I specifically forbade this from happening, but I guess service men and women don't like to be limited when it comes to helping each other.  Double thanks Dan. 

Weekend Push #1: Dwayne Lively
Weekend Push #2: Jim Ogden

There you have it--winners and such.

Also, thanks to the sponsors:

Obtanium Wallets
Inspirs Design


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I imagine that's a lot of work, especially with reviews and a podcast to do.

    (Note: I won the Weekend Push #1 but didn't get an email.)

  2. Thanks a ton for the GAW Tony, thrilled to win. Great comments too about the debt we owe our veterans. Thanks to them as well.


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