Thursday, November 6, 2014

Knife Baby Onesy

So, I promised a while ago never to do a clothing review, but like all good promises, it was made to be broken, especially when you get something as cool as the Knife Baby Onesy.  And more than half the coolness of the Knife Baby Onesy comes from the story, not just the sweet baby duds.

My wife has a friend and that friend has a brother that has disabilities.  He and his friends go to a center and they do lots of activities there.  Many of those activities are art projects.  And one of my wife's friend's brother's friend (got all of that) created this super awesome onesy.  The onesy was given to my wife's friend, because she was having a baby, and instead of using it, she decided to give it to us.

I totally get that the Knife Baby Onesy is not for everyone, but it is perfect for me.  If you look closely you'll see some promising designs in there--I could swear one of them is a very nice looking kiridashi.  Naturally when this sketch came to some of the teacher's attention they were a little freaked out, but really this is just a form of creative expression, and one I know us knife knuts can appreciate.  I am also fairly certain those very same people that freaked out use kitchen knives on a pretty regular basis. 

The way I see it, we should encourage creative output, even if it is a little surprising where it ends up.  Being less judge-y is something everyone could do.  This is a pretty darn sweet outfit for my soon to be born second son.  And I know a few of you out there have kids too and are probably a little jealous (Gavkoo).  After all, what self respecting knife knut wouldn't want a Knife Baby Onesy? Oh and be on the lookout in March for an IG post of my new little guy in this sweet get up. 


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