Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kizer Ki3404-3 Overview

While the review is coming soon, I am not going to beat around the bush.  This is a great knife and an extraordinary value.

You can find the Kizer Ki 3404-3 at Blade HQ, sales benefit the site.


  1. I have one with the anodized Ti scales (for variety - I already have too many plain titanium frame locks). It is probably my favorite knife right now, kicking my Damascus Skyline out of my pocket for what a reach for first when looking for something to throw in my pocket. I'm guessing another 20 for 20, unless you can't get over the flipper shape or think it is a bit to long/heavy.

  2. Bet the one-position clip will cost it a point, especially as it is tip down. I'm really looking hard at one, but would immediately remove that clip. I have the equipment, so I might consider milling in a tip-up recess for the last frame screw.