Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday Specials

Sponsors of the blog and podcast have been kind enough to give me a preview of upcoming specials for Black Friday and the following few days.  As you can imagine, these are some killer deals and since you are so good to me, dear reader, I am returning the favor and giving you a sneak peek.  Beat out those non-reader chumps and score the gear you want.  Here goes:

Blade HQ :

EXCLUSIVE Chavez 228 Redencion (the human sized midtech version of the Redencion): $465.00
EXCLUSIVE Blue G10 Hinderer XM-18 Skinner: $649.00
EXCLUSIVE Boker/TuffKnives War Toad First Production Run: $94.99
EXCLUSIVE Benchmade 51 Balisong in Blue G10: $259.25
EXCLUSIVE Protech Punisher Auto (with etched Punisher skull): $189.00
EXCLUSIVE Orange G10 Skyline: $74.99 (this is the version to get, BTW, for keeping or modding)
EXCLUSIVE Carbon Fiber S30V Skyline: $89.99
EXCLUSIVE CRKT Shizuka noh Ken (the new, smaller version of the Otanashi noh Ken): $89.99
Lightning OTF: $19.99

There are about a dozen other specials as well.  Check out the site for more.

If you spend $25 you can get a free PVC BladeHQ Black Out patch by using the code: Blackout Patch.

If you spend $99 you can get the Tactical Stocking AND patch by using the code: Tactical Stocking

E2Field Gear:

First, Mike is killing it...he now sells custom knives and Wicked Edges (if your extra generous, buy two...I need one).  Here are some codes that will save you bucks:

Zebralight Products: 8% off.  Code: Zebra
Prometheus Alpha Pens: 20% off.  Code: Alpha
XTAR Chargers and Lights: 11% off.  Code: XTAR
ArmyTek Lights: 20% off. Code: Army
Field Notes and Word Notebooks: 10% off.  Code: Notebook

The codes go live Wednesday and will work through the weekend.  Remember you can save 8% on anything using the Commentary code.  You can only use one got at a time though.  Also, Mike is planning on loading up a bunch of custom blades from famous makers.  Not sure which ones will go up, but the list he has to choose from is incredibly impressive.  These will be grails, trust me.

Huckberry (membership required...wait, what, why aren't you signed up already?):

Topo Designs - Duck Camo Line - 20% off
Tsovet - Field Watches - 20% off
Nemo - all inline, including cosmo air with footpump and the helio shower - 25%
Peak Designs - all inline and brand new -  25%
Ministry of Supply - full of inline products - 20% off
Apolis - all inline products - 20%
Stone River - from steak knives to hunting knives - 25%

These promotions won't all go live until later in the week.

There you have it, the best deals from sellers used and trusted by Everyday Commentary.  Remember to click through these links and/or use the Commentary promotion code and the proceeds will benefit the site.  And no, I won't hold it against you if you use the Alpha code as it is better than my code.  Save some dough folks.  


  1. Ey s/o to you Tony for the heads up. Much appreciated fam. Gonna score myself a Prometheus Alpha, been looking at one for a very long time. Should help with some of the monstrous international shipping fees

  2. DANG IT. The new CRKT is the knife I wanted when I bought the Otanashi noh Ken.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Your not wrong, the price is $89.95 for the CF Skyline in S30V.

  4. Tony, for those interested in a great priced basic folder Dick's has a Black Friday special on the Kershaw Zing G10 with black washed blade at $14.99

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