Monday, October 6, 2014

Ver Steeg Imp Overview

Fixed blades have become something of an obsession for me recently.  I have purchased quite a few, reviewed a bunch, and even designed one, but one of the finest I have used is the smallest.  I decided a while ago that I wouldn't review it since it came from a buddy, Kyle Ver Steeg (aka Average Iowa Guy).  That said, it is a truly fantastic piece.  I think it runs O1 tool steel, a tried and true high carbon steel.  Kyle gave it a convex, mirrored blade and the handle, speck as it is, still works quite well.  I LOVE this is little gem and thanks to a perfectly designed lanyard, it can accommodate a very healthy grip.  This is the Dragonfly II of fixed blades and though I am sure a large portion of population will hate something this small, I love it.  It was an excellent camp knife, cutting up meat and making feather sticks with equal ease.  It also makes an awesome EDC fixed blade, though again, I am confident a lot of people will dislike its size.  Kyle designed this to be a knife you can carry with ZERO impact on your movement.  He actually designed it as a neck knife (and it comes with a nice ball chain necklace with a piece of paracord over it to make it more comfortable), but it slips so nicely into the coin pocket of my jeans I couldn't even be tempted to carry it another way.  It has worked well in every task I have thus far thrown at it and other than a curious rainbow colored stain from some soap used while camping, it looks exactly as it did new.  The convex edge is truly amazing and unlike the Little Creek, this guy is thin enough to do some real slicing.

The Imp is all sold out, but you can find other blades from Kyle over at Very Steeg Blades.  


  1. Man it breaks my heart that you did this to me. Read the post, watched the video and my immediate reaction was that I NEED one of these, it looks like my perfect knife and suddenly I get to the bottom of your post credit card in hand and poof, all of my dreams are shattered.

    1. I feel your pain, man...