Monday, September 15, 2014

Kershaw Emerson CQC6K Overview

Well, I, like a lot of other folks, took the plunge and bought an Kershaw Emerson collab.  As it turns out its not just good, its quite good.  I have owned and carried two Emersons and there are reasons to buy this knife even if you: 1) own an Emerson; 2) swear you'll never buy an Emerson; or 3) have no idea what an Emerson is, but still like knives.

If you are interested in the CQC6K you can get one at Blade HQ or KnivesShipFree. Purchases on either site help the blog. That said, if you have a knife store in person, try them out. I got this knife at Merrimack Knife and Tool in Nashua, NH. Tell Josh and Jeremiah I said hello.


  1. I have liked the looks of this one since Kershaw released this line. The blase reminds me of a mini grip.

  2. The fact that the pocket clip is switchable to the opposite side on these Emershaws puts KAI one up on a "real" Emerson.

    As I commented recently on Dan's site, EKI's unwillingness to drill three holes on the other side of their $200+ knives, so the user can opt to set up the waved draw from their offside, is a damning example of laziness with respect to basic product development.

    It throws away an inherent strength of the wave feature, in defiance of the supposed mission of Emersons as purpose-built, functional defense knives.

    Tellingly, both big-league knife companies to get their hands on Emerson's wave IP (Spyderco & Kershaw) instantly saw that the clip has to be switchable. (You could also add Cold Steel, whose knives with wave-able thumb plates include pocket clips for both sides.) Hell, Spyderco did it 4-position, so the user can even deactivate the wave.

    Yet EKI still noodles along in complacency.

  3. Southern Grind's Bad Monkey folders have the wave feature but no reversible clip.