Monday, July 7, 2014

Cryo G-10 Overview

The first go round with the Cryo didn't turn out well.  The second wasn't much better.  But, as I stated a few times in the reviews, the bones of greatness are there.  The G10 Cryo is the knife that I wanted the original Cryo to be.  Its a very good knife.  I mistreated my Cryo, but KAI USA fixed it up.  I wanted to de-assist it, but when I did the thing didn't go back together very well.  I got everything to work well, but the lock up was WAY off.  I could have still used it, but I didn't think it would be fair to review it in that state, so I sent it back to KAI for service.  This was totally my fault and not the knife's at all.  That said, I did get to do a video overview and I really like the Cryo G10:


  1. What amazes me is Kershaw / KAI is on it's third iteration of the Hinderer designed Cryo in order to get it "right". The deployment of the new Kershaw Emerson line has been quite successful so far. It looks they ported over all the lessons learned from growing the Hinderer product line into perfecting the Emersons. It will be interesting to see if that will be true for the ZT line, also.