Monday, June 30, 2014

TT PockeTTools TT Spork Review

I had long operated under the assumption that the Ti spork was like the Ti toothpick and Ti chopsticks, and more a sign of someone addicted to titanium than an actual useful tool.  After a few weeks of using the TT PockeTTools TT Spork, I am not sure it is an essential item, but its definitely a well made and well designed piece.  I am not going to use the formal multitool scoring system as it really stretches the term (and the system) to think of a spork as a multitool.

Here is the product page for the TT Spork.  There are two options--a flat version or a spooned out version.  I went with the spooned out version.  Both run a very reasonable $15.  There are no reviews or affliate links.  Here is the review sample I was given (to be given away):


Twitter Review Summary: Why do you need a Ti spork?  The real question is: Ti not?  

First, you might be asking why a Ti spork?  Well, the answer is not that hard to imagine--lots of things that need to be tough but light are made out of titanium.  I would imagine a Ti spork would work well in an ultralight kit.  I could also see a person not thrilled with the usual office flatware, which looks about as clean as something pulled up from the wreck of a 17th century Spanish galleon, dropping one in his or her pocket or lunchbox.  Its super tough, super light, and titanium has hypoalllergenic properties.  I used the TT Spork both on hikes and at the office and it worked very well.

In use the TT Spork was very good as a fork and a bottle opener (this is a single pull decapitator).  The spoon is very shallow, but for most non-liquid meals its fine.  The hot dog off the fire or the steak from the grill were handled well.  The tines aren't sharp, but they are plenty pokey for even tougher materials like steak.  

The real test was whether or not the spoon could handle soup.  I try to eat healthy and one way to do that is to have premade, homemade meals.  Soup does great as a healthy meal for lunch.  It heats up nicely.  It doesn't stink (goddam it who made fish in the microwave again?).  It carries well as I travel around to all the courts I go to.  But a shallow spoon like on the TT Spork might just be pushed to the limits by soup.  

So for a week I used nothing but the TT Spork. By this point my coworkers are used to me using a bunch of unusual pens and the like, but for some reason the TT Spork was a showstopper. Everyone wanted to see it and hold it (after which I cleaned it).


They were all surprised at how light it was.  They were even more surprised that someone made custom Ti Sporks.  Finally, they were interested to see how it worked as a spoon.  So that first lunch, my soup eating was a great deal of entertainment.  

The spoon portion of the spork works.  Its not great.  It made me slow WAY down when eating soup.  But it could do it.  This is not like "Smart Car going 90 MPH" could do it, but more like "regular axe can split wood, but not as well as a splitting maul."  With a little change in my eating habit, I made it work.

Overall, this is not an essential, but it definitely is quite nice.  Its also $15.  The CRKT spoons are cheaper, but not as nice or as light.  The Snow Peak Ti Spork is around $9, but I'd much rather pay $6 more to support a small time custom maker.  The spoon is much less shallow than the one on the Snow Peak, but the addition of a bottle opener and the small sense of a good deed that comes from buying from a person instead of a corporation is probably worth the extra $6.   

Thanks for endulging me in this overly detailed review of a spork.  I did it half as a joke and half serious, but the quality of the item, like virtually everything from TT PockeTTool was undeniably high. 


  1. I am still trying to talk myself into one of these:

    Though $40 for spork is a bit steep...

    I currently use a MSR titanium spoon for most of culinary needs. Cheap (~$10 on sale), light, easy to clean.

  2. I have a spoon version of the Ti Spork. Everything this guy does is great and for the price it is even better. I have the CRKT version and prefer the TT version.


    Just funnin', I enjoyed this. These little lagniappe articles are fun.

    Unrelated: I noticed the Ontario RAT-2 is $27 shipped now. I love me some CRKT Drifter but at that price there is no contest, the RAT-2 is such a well executed and "clean" design. Taiwan build quality too. If I had $30 to buy a low key general EDC knife for random person, it's either an Alox Cadet or this.

    I just don't see any of the flaws/quirks in it that you found in the ESEE Zancudo. Maybe if not a full review, you might do one of these little "shorts" on the RAT-2?

  4. Ahhh office life.... I never realized slicing an apple would get so much attention! We live in a world of helpless idiots lol