Monday, June 2, 2014

TAD Gear/Rexford RUT Overview

The RUT (Rexford Utility Tool) is a new take on keychain multitools.  It has a bottle opener, a driver/prytip, and a quasi-framelock razor blade.  The design is quite ingenious and the piece is well made. There are two versions--a Rexford only version and this co-branded one. The big issue is the cost.  At $150 with insanely low availability, RUT is difficult to track down.  I got lucky and snagged one from TAD.

Here is the overview:


  1. You actually much understated the value equation at 3:45 in the video: One could buy TWO Shards and TWO Super Blue Ladybugs, for much less than $150. Actually one could even go with the Super Blue Dragonfly + Shard pairing and still buy TWO such pairs for the price of this little gizmo.

    Makes me shake my head a bit but that's OK. We have hobbies and collect things we like. I'm sure these will hold their value or even appreciate; look at Atwood stuff.

  2. BTW I didn't know until your video overview that the Super Blue Dragonfly is laminated. It's kinda haphazard: the SB Stretch and D'Fly are laminated with 420J, but the SB Delica and Calys aren't. Uhh, OK.

    I think the laminate detracts from the ZDP Calys. Spyderco's heat treat for the steel provides sufficient toughness, and it is adequately corrosion resistant for most purposes on its own. (ZDP is 20% chromium!) But I REALLY like the idea of a stainless-laminated blade for a carbon/tool steel like Aogami Super Blue. Wonder why on earth they didn't do that for the SB Calys?

    Knowing this, I may have to pick up a SB Dragonfly before they vanish.

  3. HA HA HA nice joke 150$
    I will buy this toy about 5 perhaps 10$