Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zero Tolerance ZT0801 Overview

The Zero Tolerance ZT0801 is a damn fine knife and one that I think is criminally underrated in the current discussion among knife knuts.  In particular, I like the original version far better than the CF version which looks like a knife mod done for someone with more money than sense.  The stock ZT080 is a superb blade with good blade steel, a great flipper, and a tremendously useful blade shape.  Here is my overview:

Review coming Friday.


  1. Interesting review. Not a perfect knife but has some good upsides. I'm looking forward to the in depth scoring. Thanks, Tony.!

  2. KAI hit one out of the park with the 0801. Compared to, for example, a full-ti Hinderer XM at several times the price, it lacks nothing. And, unlike the XM, it flips like a champ.