Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Using Everyday Commentary

So many of you have been with the site since the beginning.  You can skip this article.  But for those of you that are new let me give you a tour.  We no longer live in an age where it is simply a matter of going to a website.  There are so many ways to get there and so many offshoots from a website.  So I thought it might be useful to give everyone a tour of the whole thing. 

First, the site, with its written scored reviews, is the hub.  Its where you can find all of the information I have produced about gear.  But there are a lot of spokes coming off the hub.  

There is a YouTube channel.  I try to put out a video a week.  I don't do reviews, but overviews of products plus some specific topic videos.  I rarely go over 10 minutes.  I don't have time to be more chatty than that.

Then there is the podcast, Gear Geeks Live.  I do the podcast once a month and put out a new episode every two weeks.  Andrew of Edge Observer and Dan of Blade Reviews help out.  We have guests on occasion and they have ranged from a listener that won a topic contest to the guy that runs the show over at KAI USA.  We've had adventurer Kyle Ver Steeg and custom knife badass Tuff Thumbz on.  

Then there are the social media outputs: the Twitter channel and the Instagram feed (search: "Everyday Commentary").  I try to post one thing a day to each.  Twitter gets a bit rambly, as all Twitter feeds are want to do.

Finally, there are places I have freelanced for: AllOutdoors, the New Artemis, Huckberry, and Everyday-Carry.com.  

On this site you will notice that articles come out at least once a week.  The reviews are all kept in a centralized place, see the "Reviews" tab above.  I also have a Top 5 that is regularly updated for given categories.  Both the review scoring systems and the Top 5 categories are always subject to expansion.  Right now I review knives, folding and fixed, flashlights, multitools, water bottles, pens, bags, and watches (more on this in a second).

I write a few regular series: EDC Primers, Trolling for Hate, and In Case You Missed It.  The primers are pretty obvious.  The Trolling for Hate series is basically my chance to editorialize a bit on the gear world.  In Case You Missed It is my effort to point on discontinued stuff that deserves a second look before the eBay prices go bonkers.   

The site is really a team effort.  Steve helps with editing and hyperlinks.  Ben, Aaron, Andrew provide additional content.  Andrew is doing watches right now and we are looking for ways to tweak that 20 point system.  I am always looking for folks that have some specialized knowledge and writing ability.  

If you have any questions or want to submit a product, see the "Contact" tab above.