Friday, April 4, 2014

Spyderco Chaparral Overview

This little gem is a knife I have overlooked.  I hope to rectify that with this video and an upcoming review on (with a give away to boot).  Placed in the product line as something of a mini-Sage, the Chaparral excels in the EDC role.  Its thin, well made, with high end materials, and a great slicing blade.  There is very little to complain about here.  It does have a very similar overall size and shape to my much beloved Strider PT CC, and it comes in at a 1/3 the price, so that's a good deal.

Here you go:


  1. Beautiful. Definitely on the list after the sm Sebenza Insingo and the Slysz Bowie. Have you handled the ti scale versions?

  2. Glad to see this knife on everyday commentary. This has been my main knife for the last year. I love the thiness, it hides nicely in a pair a dress pants which is great for my job.

    The one downside is the slight up turn on the end of the clip has gotten caught on my coat a few times and I have almost lost it due to this. Otherwise no complaints.

  3. What's your opinion on the Sage 1, since you've mentioned it? They look and are priced very similarly.