Friday, March 28, 2014

Eros SS Video Overview

I got the Eros SS in for review from CRKT.  The written review will go up on but I thought it would be fun to do a video overview of the knife.  When I was testing and carrying the knife I really appreciated all of the nice touches it had, especially given its price.  But slowly I noticed that it was eerily similar to a knife I have reviewed before, the Kershaw Leek.  Both are Ken Onion knives and both represent interesting mileposts on his design journey in folders over the past ten or fifteen years.  The Eros is simply a better, cleaner design and even though I like the 14C28N steel in the Leek better than AUS-8, I'd take the Eros SS over the entry level Leek any day of the week.

See what I mean here:


  1. I know you rated the CRKT Drifter SS lower than the G10 version because of the slick handle slabs. Does the Eros SS have the same issue with getting traction when using the knife? Just curious.