Thursday, January 23, 2014

I am sure that some of you have noticed that I have been writing places other than here for a while now.  You can read some of my ramblings, EDC basics, and the like over on, a great site run by even better people.  I also have written a few things for The New Artemis, bigger high concept articles that Ashley kindly published.  Finally, I wrote a piece of Huckberry's journal.  This is all on top of what I write here, which has been consistently pumping out two articles a week for at least a year.  

That's a lot of work.  But it is fun and I am a pretty fast writer and VERY passionate about the subject, so its not a big deal.

But I am mindful of the fact that all of this is based on Bernard Capualong's success at  He gave me some link love in the very beginning and the readership of this blog came largely from that source.  Bernard's site is the hub of the EDC universe.  It may not have been the first, but it was the most interesting, with Bernard showing us cool gear and commenting on gear others carried.  It was a perfect EDC hang out.  So perfect, even Time Magazine wrote about it.  At its height was just huge.

Then it went silent.  The posts stopped.  Bernard's real life got in the way.  He was a college student so when classes picked up, the blog dropped off.  For a while I, like many others, thought the site was dead.  

Then the announcement came last month that it was being revived.  Dan had partnered with Bernard to resurrect the blog.  Behind the scenes Dan contacted me and we made an agreement that I would write for the site.  I am a loyal person--same job for ten years, same wife for 15 (soon to be 16), and I am only 36 years old (yes, I am a hillbilly, you can do the math and figure out how old I was when I got married).  Leaving AllOutdoor was not an easy decision, but ultimately I felt compelled to do so, not only to consolidate my writing and make it easier on myself, but also because Dan was willing to include me in the big plans he has for the site (huge, really).  Finally, it was because it was, the hub of the EDC universe, and I felt indebted to Bernard and the site.

I am super excited to be writing for them.  There is a lot of good stuff in the works.  I will continue to write here, this is my thing, but I will supplement what I do here with work on  Dan is a big idea guy.  Talking to him I get the feeling that he loves gear as much as we do and he has a vision for the site that is truly staggering.  EDC is about to explode and Dan's ideas will help that happen.  

I am just happy to be writing about it when it does.  

Starting in February I will be writing exclusively for frequently and I am pumped for the future.  

Thanks for reading.