Monday, November 11, 2013

WWP/Veteran's Day Giveaway Winners

The WWP contest raised about $200 more than last giveaway for a grand total of roughly $805.  That's pretty good for a little blog that could.  Thanks to everyone who donated and thanks for playing along with all of the emails and tweets.  If it wasn't such a good cause, I would bother.  Thanks also to the contest's sponsors:

TAD Gear
Blade HQ
E2Field Gear
TT PockeTTools 

Here are the winners:

Grand Prize: Tom Swarbrick

Tom wins a TAD Gear Camo Dispatch Bag, an MBI HF-R Ti Edition, and a Spyderco Domino.  This prize package is worth about $500.  Not a bad ROI for Tom.

Big Heart: Duane Kuykendall

Duane wins a Zebralight SC500 Mk. II, an Xtar Charger, and the 18650 battery.  All of this was courtesy of E2Field Gear.  Even though he gave the most, it was still well short of the value of the prize package, again another good ROI.

Second Chance: Sam Ciocco

Sam wins the Kershaw Cryo, the one used in the Second Chance review.  Maybe he will like the knife better than I did.  Certainly a lot of folks disagree with me.

Veteran's Only:  Beau Chastain

Loaded up with a beautiful Tuff Writer Clicky and some TT PockeTTools, thanks Beau for your service and your dedication to our country.

I will be shipping all of the prizes out around the 22nd of November so as not to make multiple trips and to allow everyone to get their stuff via Priority mail (plus a few items are still en route to me).  Tom, Duane, Sam, and Beau send me your addresses and then wait patiently by the mail.  Your goodies are coming.

One more thing--all of the sponsors donated without solicitation.  Please return the favor.  They helped out with no promise of reward and no possibility of gain, all without being asked. 

Oh, and thanks to all of the people that have stood at Hell's Gate for me, for my family and for the rest of us.  Your dedication and sacrifice will never go unnoticed.


  1. I'm going to try and pretend to be a gracious loser...but Tom should be reeeeeeaallly happy mail fraud is beyond my capabilities. Enjoy the kit you lucky bastard.

    Thanks to all the veterans reading this - hopefully all of you get (or are) home safe. You're in our thoughts.

  2. Thanks for doing this, it is awesome all around.

  3. All of the prizes were mailed out today. Everyone, please enjoy them and let me know when they arrive.