Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WWP Prize Update and Guilt-Inducing Story

Want another reason to give?  How about a FREE Triple Aught Design Multicam Dispatch Bag tossed in to the grand prize? 

DONE.  After all you need something to lug around your new Spyderco Domino and MBI HF-R Ti light.

Just in case you need another push (and at this point the next step will involve me knocking on your door tomorrow) here is a little story about a dear friend of mine (I cleared using it with him):
We have a made a nice little community here.  Readers and comment writers have helped.  I have an awesome user submitted shootout coming.  Folks have participated in contests.  The podcast is rolling (Episode 20 featured Triple Aught Design, how awesome is that?).  But with all that growth, I think it is only appropriate to thank the folks that stand unflinchingly at Hell's Gate and tell the forces that would destroy this Great American Experiment: "I protect these people.  You will not get past me." 
I am a lawyer, as many of you know.  I work with an amazing group of people.  One of them, a very close friend, served our country with two tours of duty in Iraq.  One tour came when he just got married, before he had children.  He was young and the trip taught him many lessons.  When he returned he was still a reservist, but eventually he settled down and started working on his legal career and family.  He had a few kids and did great work.  Then he got called up.  With a child on the way, a career in full swing, he answered the call of duty again.  Without a second thought (or maybe with them but he never let on) he grabbed his pack and went back to the Sand Box.  
As life would have it, while on his second tour of duty, he received a message that his wife was going into labor.  He was sent home for leave and after an exhausting journey across the globe he landed in Atlanta with one last connection before he got home to New England.  But technical glitches stood in the way.  The plane to Boston was cancelled.  He stood there in the airport, in his uniform, on the phone lamenting the fact that he was so close but still so far away from his family.  Then, like an angel, someone saw him and overheard the call.  He indicated to my friend to follow him.  They ended up at the counter of another airline.  A ticket was book, red tape cut, and the intractable bureaucracy was defeated.  He was on his way home.  He made it just in time to see his new baby be born.
And when that was done, when mother and child were safe and healthy, he loaded up his pack and went back to complete his second tour.  
People toss around the word "honor" a lot.  That, my friends, is honor.  They stand at Hell's Gate for us.  Let's make it a little nicer for them when they come home.  
Please donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.  I am friggin' bribing you.   Here are the rules and prizes again.