Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

The two sponsors, Blade HQ and E2Field Gear are both running sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

E2Field Gear

Mike will be running short sales all weekend long starting on Friday.  Each sale will have a new item with low pricing.  Among the items will be the Fisher Space Pen, Field Notes, and the much beloved Zebralight SC52.  That last one will be at the lowest price Mike has ever sold it for, which means it will beat just about anyone else's prices as Mike had them low to begin with. 

Remember, click the banner to the right to support the blog.  The discount code will not work.  These are bare bones prices as it is.  Telling Mike Everyday Commentary sent ya'.

Blade HQ

They are blowing it out, really amazing stuff.  There will be all sorts of deals, but here are the main

Black Friday Deals:

Kimura VIII for $84.99 (Save 53%) - The Kimura 8 was discontinued after just a few were made. We have a bunch with stainless steel handles, no G-10. There are not many Kimuras left and once they are gone, there won't be any more. This one won't be on our site until the day the sale launches.

Kershaw Vapor III for $13.99 (Save 53%) - Model 1655ST on sale.

TOPS BOB Fieldcraft for $99.99 (Save 44%) - This is the Blade HQ exclusive version.

CRKT Crawford Kasper for $16.99 (Save 43%) - Model 6783N.

Lightning OTF for $19.99 (Lowest Price Ever) - 2 Models only on sale. Tan handle with satin serrated blade, and gray handle with satin serrated blade.

Protech Rockeye Automatic for $168.95 (Save 44%) - Les George design.

Boker Kwaiken Orange for $79.99 (Save 47%) - Blade HQ exclusive.

CRKT Carson Flipper for $39.95 (Save 56%) - Model M16-13ZLEK.

Boker Albatros for $73.95 (Save 57%) - Anso design.

Spyderco Sharpmaker for $49.95 (Save 47%)

Kershaw Echelon for $45.95 (Save 60%)

Kershaw Scallion for $41.99 (Save 65%) - This model only.

Of particular note are three knives--the Orange Kwaiken, an awesome collab that seems to avoid the flaws of many Boker knives, the Albatros, a Ti framelock at a bargain price, and the Echelon, a super cool looking knife with good steel and a great size for a low price.  The non-knife, the Sharpmaker, is always a good buy and rarely goes on sale. 

Like seen on TV though, wait...there is more:

Cyber Monday:

Get ready.  Wake up early.  Have your credit card ready.  Blade HQ has a run of exclusive HINDERER XM-18 3.5 knives for $499.95, an excellent, if not unprecedented price for a non-direct sale.  Here are some sweet pics:



The Ti framelock side is blue anodized.  These look super hot.

Here are the other Cyber Monday deals:

Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops for $15.99 (Save 77%) - Automatic Knife. This model only.

CRKT Hammond Cruiser for $16.99 (Save 76%) - Model 7914CM.

Brous Blades Silent Soldier Ranger for $69.99 (Save 46%) - This model only.

SOG Tac automatic for $79.95 (Save 57%) - This model only.

CRKT Shinbu for $149.95 (Save 57%)

Boker Rhino for $42.95 (Save 50%) - This model only.

CRKT Shenanigan for $48.95 (Save 61%) - This model only.

Kershaw Leek for $32.95 (Save 59%) - 4 models for $32.95 each. 1660, 1660OL, 1660PUR, 1660SWBLK.

Boker Manaro Bullseye for $116.50 (Save 45%)

Spyderco Yojimbo 2 for $99.95 (Save 46%)

There are quite a few good buys here: the Brous looks nice and at a great price, the Shenanigan has gotten good feedback, I like the Leek quite a bit (especially at that price), and the Yojimbo 2 is a sweet, if specialized, blade. 

As always, buy through this link and support the blog:

Blade HQ

Oh, and good luck nailing one of the very limited edition Hinderers (the Blade HQ logo is tastefully done on the lock side as well):


  1. It will be interesting to see how their servers hold up under the onslaught of people scrambling to get one of those Hinderers.

  2. Good deals!

    The Shenanigan is a joy to deploy with the flipper. It is a nice knife overall except for its appallingly clunky pocket clip -- sort of a Ken Onion signature.

    I also did not love CRKT's AUS-8, which seems inferior to Cold Steel's. It's a pity the Acuto+ Shenanigans are gone, that is a nice steel.

  3. I've been watching E2 and still haven't seen any deals...