Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WWP/Veteran's Day Giveaway

Like last year, I am giving away a super hot product I got as a review sample, the MBI HF-R Ti.  This is a superb flashlight, with an insane high and an elegant form factor.  It is as blinged out as you can get--a Ti body, a Hi CRI emitter, and lots of Tritium.  But that is not enough, I want to crush our record from last year where we raised about $650 through the Dauntless/Two Year Anniversary Giveaway.  So, I am tossing another thing into the giveaway, but here is the twist--you get to pick what it will be.  My budget is roughly $200, so that is the limiting factor here.  There are four options, all listed in the poll to the left, all sweet gear that I have not yet reviewed.  The winner gets the MBI HF-R and the blade that wins the poll.  There will be a second chance raffle as well and that person will win a Kershaw Cryo

Once the contest starts here are the rules:

1.  Go to the Wounded Warriors website.

2.  Make a charitable donation.

3.  When you receive the donation receipt email, forward it to me WITH AN UNALTERED SUBJECT LINE (I need to have the subject lines be the same so I can sort them easily, you can delete any payment or other info in the body of the email if you want).  Send it to this address (ones that go to the contact address I normally use will be disregarded, I can't sort them properly):

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com

in the normal format.  DELETE ALL OF THE FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN THE EMAIL, but if you could, please indicate how much you donated.  A larger amount won't make it more likely that you win, but I want to keep track so that I can have a total.  I am always working on another giveaway and this data would be a nice selling point to make that one happen. 

4. I will pick an email at random on Veteran's Day and that person will win the the MBI HF-R Ti and the knife that wins the poll.

Again, the amount of the donation doesn't matter and large donations won't be counted more than once.   I guess you could cheat, by faking a donation receipt email, but hopefully if you do you will be enjoying your free gear on the slow, hot elevator ride to hell.  I'll post how much we raise once everything is tallied.

The contest will begin on November 1.  I will announce the winner of the poll.  You can start making donations on November 1.  You can donate whenever, but I will only start counting them after November 1, just to make the paperwork easier on me. 

So go vote to your right, then watch for November 1st.


  1. Do Wounded Warriors get to enter even if we don't make a donation to WWP?

    1. Yes. I am working on how to do this. Details forthcoming.

  2. The poll appears to the right on my browser.