Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Good Deal Heads Up

I don't do this often, or in fact, ever, but a good deal came across my desk today from Mike at E2Field Gear.  I was hesitant about posting a pure ad, but then a couple of readers sent it to me too and suggested I share it.  Use the banner on the right to click through to E2Field Gear. 

Over at E2 Field Gear, they’re offering some nice coupons on Zebralight’s high-powered SC600 Mk2 LED flashlight. The slightly brighter SC600 Mk2 L2 was announced today, so you can clean up on the "old" version, reviewed here.  There is no appreciable difference in output to your eyes because of the logarithmic perception of lumens.  

There are two ways you can do this: 62.90 light only, 89.99 with XTAR VP1. The charger is quite nice and this light requires an 18650 battery, which you have to buy separately, so you may as well drop a few extra bucks and get a charger.  Also, you don't need a coupon code for this, but you do buy other stuff, drop the code "COMMENTARY" for 8% off and the proceeds benefit the site. 

This ad post is probably a one time thing, but the deal is so good, I felt like it was probably worth mentioning and when I got multiple emails from readers about it, I figured what the hell.