Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Wounded Warrior Project Veteran's Day Giveaway Rules and Prizes

We have a made a nice little community here.  Readers and comment writers have helped.  I have an awesome user submitted shootout coming.  Folks have participated in contests.  The podcast is rolling (Episode 20 will feature TAD, how awesome is that?).  But with all that growth, I think it is only appropriate to thank the folks that stand unflinchingly at Hell's Gate and tell the forces that would destroy this Great American Experiment: "I protect these people.  You will not get past me."  To that end, I am launching the Second Annual Wounded Warrior's Project Giveaway.

After the never really competitive poll closed, I purchased the Spyderco Domino from Blade HQ.  They were very decent on the price, which is awesome, so thank them by going and shopping around there.  But the generosity does not end.  No, no, dear reader, we haven't even started yet.  MBI so kindly sent me the HF-R Ti edition for review and I was allowed to keep it.  I keep nothing, as you know, and so this is also going into the hopper.   But wait, there is more.  The other sponsor of the blog E2Field Gear (click banner to right and use the discount code, proceeds benefit the site), also kicked in an awesome prize package: a Zebralight SC600 Mk. II, with the 18650 battery AND a top of the line Xtar battery charger.  No use in sending you a light you had to buy something else to use.  Then TT PockeTTool sent me the 69 and Thumb Drive, which I am allowed to give away.  Friends of the blog Huckberry have also stepped up, donating a Fire Red Tuff Writer Ultimate Clicky.  Finally, I have a Kershaw Cryo from the re-review.

There are actually 4 different giveaways:

Grand Prize Winner: Spyderco Domino and MBI HF-R Ti Edition

Big Heart (largest non-winning donation): Zebralight SC600 Mk.II package

Second Chance (chosen out of the pool of folks that did not already win): Kershaw Cryo (see, I gave the knife a second chance, see how that works?)

Veteran's Only: Tuff Writer Red Ultimate Clicky, TT PockeTTools 69 and Thumb Drive (no need to donate if your a veteran, you've already given enough)

Here are the rules for the WWP Giveaway:

1.  Go to the Wounded Warriors website.

2.  Make a charitable donation.

3.  When you receive the donation receipt email, forward it to me WITH AN UNALTERED SUBJECT LINE (I need to have the subject lines be the same so I can sort them easily, you can delete any payment or other info in the body of the email if you want).  Send it to this address (ones that go to the contact address I normally use will be disregarded, I can't sort them properly):

everydaycommentary at gmail dot com

in the normal format.  DELETE ALL OF THE FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN THE EMAIL, but if you could, please indicate how much you donated.  A larger amount won't make it more likely that you win, but I want to keep track so that I can have a total.  I am always working on another giveaway and this data would be a nice selling point to make that one happen. 

4. I will pick an email at random on Veteran's Day and that person will win the the MBI HF-R Ti and the knife that wins the poll.

Again, the amount of the donation doesn't matter and large donations won't be counted more than once.   I guess you could cheat, by faking a donation receipt email, but hopefully if you do you will be enjoying your free gear on the slow, hot elevator ride to hell.  I'll post how much we raise once everything is tallied.

Here are the rules for the Veteran's Only Giveaway:

1.  Email me with the word "veteran" in the subject line.

2.  If you are picked as a winner, scan either your Veteran's ID card or DD214.

If you are lying a) shame on you and b) I will tell Mitchell Paige's ghost to haunt you until you die.

Last WWP giveaway raised about $655.  I have two submissions already, which will count, but let's see if we can't smash that number.  The gates open as soon as this post goes live.  I will announce the winners on Veteran's Day and you can email me then.  And remember, thank a vet.

Thanks also to the giveaway's sponsors:

Blade HQ
E2Field Gear
TT PockeTTools 


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  2. email sent! Tony, thanks again for providing a fun way to support a worthy cause.