Monday, July 1, 2013

Giveaway Extravaganza!

Ever so often the chest of review samples given to me gets pretty big.  I don't really have a desire to profit from this website and aside from ad revenue money being used to pay for shipping and handling of review samples, site maintenance, and the occasional tech upgrade (like getting the PodBean feed for the podcast), all of the dough from Ad Sense and Sponsors gets plowed right back into the site for gear purchases and giveaways.

Here are all of the prizes I have to give away:

1. CRKT Enticer ($40)
2. CRKT Swindle ($50)
7. MBI HF-R with Zoom Head ($150)
8. Nite Ize Keychain with plastic S-biners ($10)
9. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet ($90)

Total value: $530

Two contests that both revolve around the podcast.  The what?  Yes, the podcast.  Andrew of Edge Observer and I have been chattin' about gear and the like for 11 episodes now and its time I give some stuff away.  You can find the podcast in the main menu bar above under the "Podcast" tab, its hidden like that.  You can also find the podcast's show notes here.  Finally here is the link to the podcast in iTunes. 

Rate and Review Contest

Rate and review the podcast in iTunes.  Andrew and I do not have fragile egos so say whatever you want.  We will pick a review at random on Episode 12 and give out the prize, a Ka-Bar Mini Dozier.  Simple right?  Rate and review, picked a random, free knife. We will pick a review at random on Episode 14 as well, and only until we get to 20.  The prize for Episode 14 will be the CRKT Enticer.  Episode 16 will be the Cryo, 18 the Skyline Fixed Blade, and 20 the Prometheus Pocket Clip.  If this works, we'll keep doing it.   You cannot win twice for a review and two reviews from the same user name will count as one entry. 

Intro Music Contest

I start out the podcast each time the exact same way: "Hi this is Anthony Sculimbrene of Everyday Commentary..." Its boring. Its boring for me, its boring for you. Let's spice it up a bit. Let's drop some sweet fun into this. Gimme 30 seconds of intro music that includes the podcast's name Gear Geeks Live. It can be rap or country (old, Johnny Cash country...), techno or opera. You can say the name or make lyrics...whatever, I just need 30 seconds + music + Gear Geeks Live. I really like the intro ditty for Beyond the Box Score's podcast ("Your in the batter's box, pull up your socks..."), but that is just a sample. Send the 30 second intro to the website's email: everydaycommentary at gmail dot com (in the usual format). Send it in either a WAV or AIFF file.

The winner will be announced on Episode 15 (that gives you about two and half months). He or she will win a keychain edition MBI HF-R flashlight with a Cottonpicker micro charger, AAA body tube, Zoom Head, and 2/3 AA battery from me and a small Aluminum CRKT Ripple from Andrew. Thanks to MBI for letting me give these lights away (the review will be done well before the contest ends).

Instagram Contest

I am going to snap a pic of all of the prizes.  Follow my Instagram channel, Everyday Commentary, and like the picture of the all of the prizes.  After two weeks I will pick a winner at random and they will win the CRKT Swindle, Blade Show's 2013 Innovative Import Knife of the Year, and one of the coolest, sleekest blades out there.

TAD Dauntless WWP Runner Up Contest

The TAD Dauntless giveaway was a huge success, raising more than $500 for the WWP.  I want to make sure that EVERY SINGLE TIME we do a WWP giveaway that lots of folks participate.  That is why I hold on to and give away big ticket items for those contests and why I will always reward participation twice.  To that end, all of the folks that entered and gave money to the Wounded Warrior Project but did not win are automatically entered into another drawing a random.  I'll pick a winner and that person will receive the Spyderco Manix2 LW.  If you didn't win the first time around or the second time around, hang in there.  There will be another WWP contest in the near future with another kick ass prize. 

I picked the winner at random and it is Chad Monier.  Chad, please contact me via email to arrange shipping. 

Comment Here

Finally, because these seem to be the most successful and easiest to enter giveaways, become a follower of the blog and comment below to win the Bellroy Note Sleeve.  This is a great wallet from a company that really listens to customers.  It's design is only outdone by the supple leather.  I will pick a winner in a week and ship it out. 

So there you go, more giveaways.  Supported, as always, by awesome gear makers, ad revenue, and affiliate purchases.  

The total prize giveaway thus far is (plus the list above):

1.  Custom Benchmade Mini Grip 555hg with S30V steel ($130)
2.  Inkleaf Leather Moleskine Cover ($70)
3.  Iain Sinclair Cardsharp ($20)
4.  American Cutlery Over the Top Pocket Clip ($7)
5.  Boker Exskelibur II ($40)
6.  Coated Aircraft Cable ($3)
7.  RoBoT One Piece Multitool ($57)
8. Leatherman Sidekick ($30)
9. CRKT Ripple 2 ($30)
10. CRKT Mah Eraser ($100)
11. Steve Ku Quantum DD ($60)
12. LED Lenser M7R ($120)
13. Sunwayman M11R Mr. Elfin ($80)
14. ESEE Candiru ($50)
15. TT PockeTTools TT-7 ($30)
16. MBI CoreTi ($75) 
17. Ka-Bar Mini Dozier ($15)
18. CRKT Drifter G10 ($18)
19. CRKT Drifter SS ($18)
20. Lighthound 1xAAA light ($25)
21. Lighthound 1xAA light ($25)
22. McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI edition ($500) 
23. TAD Dauntless Mk. II ($350)

Total: $1,853

Combined Total: $2,383


  1. Thanks for the awesome set of giveaways and the great blog!

  2. Yes, the giveaways are great, love how transparent you are about the items you receive for review. Thanks!

  3. Amazing site! Keep the reviews coming!

  4. Just discovered the site and I'm loving it! Keep it up.

  5. Just a note that, as always, I'm impressed that one of my favorite blogs also has free prizes for readers.

  6. Thanks as always for all the hard work you put into this. I know I really enjoy it and look forward to reading every entry. Really liked the fountain pen review :-)

  7. I am a follower, and this is a comment.

    Love your work, and thanks to you I've EDC'd a DF2 for a year and a half now.

  8. Still want that Haiku! Not that I'm bitter... ;)

  9. Seems like entering this giveaway is also a good opportunity to inform you of the purchases I've made because of you... which include a Quantum DD, a DF2 in ZDP, a Big Skinny wallet, and a SAK Cadet. With more to come I'm sure.

  10. Winning a giveaway here would be better than passing the bar exam!

    1. You win. Contact me at:

      everydaycommentary at gmail dot com (in the usual format) to arrange shipping.

  11. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Tony!

  12. This is a great site, I love reading your reviews.

  13. That is some great swag you are giving away. I love the site and I appreciate the reviews.

  14. awesome giveaways, subscribed to the podcast.. review coming up..

  15. Subscribed, and my EDC as influenced by your site is: a Zodiac CRI Preon 1, an SAK Alox Bantam* and that's what I'm EDCing alongside a ZDP DF2.

    *I don't know how you feel about Deal Extreme but they were selling it; genuine as far as I can tell. Only drawback is it didn't come with a keyhole so I put a Nite Ize Hip Clip on it but would long for a Bushido clip. Any updates from him?

  16. Tony,

    Thank you for this! I am still amazed by the quality and content of this site as well as how you do it with working and being a family man. Looking forward to many more years!

  17. Great reviews -always appreciate your honest and frank opinions.

    Keep it up!

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